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Pacific RL360 Radiator screw threads

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Im trying to find out what kind of screws are used on the RL360 Rads? Someone mentioned 6-32 screws but those are to big. does someone here know what screws? Im trying to mount my resivor/pump combo to the rad but the screws that come with the rad are to short. and even if i wanted to mount it on the fans then to the rad the long screws that come with it would be short as well

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+1! Have the same issue: I have bought 6-32 30 mm screws to install Pure Plus 140mm on the X71 & Pacific CL 420. 6-32 are defenitely too big. What size have the original screws that have been provided with CL 420? (I have used all 12 to fix another 3 Pure Plus 140mm on the other side). (The screws I seek are (A) on the image)



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Has anyone solved this because I've got the same issue with the CL480 rad.

Im trying to run it with a push/pull fan setup but cant find the right screws for the threading. I bough a bunch of 6-32 but the thread was too fat. My best guess would be that they're metric m3x30mm but if someone could confirm that id really appreciate it before I drop $25 on more screws from amazon lol.


Thanks fam!

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I also have this issue as I own the radiator but can't mount the fans as there are no screws. Customer support does not seem to know what the screws are. I'm finding it very difficult to get an actual screw spec off them. We are 8 emails in and this is the best I have.

 "We suggest trying to see if Bunnings has fittable screws as the price for just the shipping fees would be insensible.

The length of the M3 screws used for the fans is approximately 35mm.

Best Regards,
Thermaltake ANZ - Support"

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