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What is the birth certificate translation required for?


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1.Visa application – whether you are looking forward to a leisurely time ahead in the beaches of California, or you are a scholar looking to study in the best colleges in the US, or you are a entrepreneur looking to invest in a forthcoming venture in China, you require a visa. However, for the Visa application, the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) states the documentation should be in English. In such an instance, certified birth certificate translation is required.

2.      Citizenship application – as with the application for Visa, the USCIS mandates a translation of all the documents during application for citizenship.

3.      Claiming benefits – whether you are applying for drivers license, or looking to enroll your child in a school, or for claiming health services for your child, or making an effort to adopt a child from a foreign land, or seeking to claim social security benefits (we could go on and on) you require translation of the birth certificate.

4.      Claiming inheritance - if your birth certificate is in a foreign language, for claiming inheritance you need to get the birth certificate translated. 


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