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Symmetry, Cleanliness, Color, lots of color, Aztec will be its name.

The first Desk case signed Themitichris is the next mod I'll create and share with you.
Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, all the colors present in the characteristic Aztec helmet.
1.50m of tank will host a double loop to optimally cool the CPU, GPU and RAM.
The rest I let you explain from the renderings










Follow me on Instagram to fastest updates @themitichris_modding

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Designs and look on this site are so incredible that I can not describe it in my words. Because I cannot do honesty with my words. These images and the look of the site are so fantastic, Exceptional and fabulous I must say great post to read and the color combination inspires me too. This is the great work of art and i appreciate it.

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was trusting somebody could offer direction on the accompanying VBA issue. I have code which makes and spares a book document with explicit content while pulling from different cells in an exceed expectations sheet, it works fine. Where I'm having issues is, different individuals should have the option to utilize it, and I'm tired tweaking the document way code for each individual, I've attempted different variable strategies and none are working. View  our blog.

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