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Marko Cvorovic

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Does this idiotic case fan hub cannot control 2 200mm fans so they spins @ full speed all the time??? Moronic thermaltake doesnt answer i literally burn 120e for this ####case wich sounds like hurricane with 2x200mm @ 800rpm... Does anyone have solution to solder cables to connect on mobo and 3pin??? Or to go to store and broke case on some TT representative heads??? 

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#### :

The L20 GT ARGB has RGB control for a maximum of three RGB fans. Furthermore, a fourth fan with a 3-pin connector and a 5V LED strip with a 3-pin connector can be connected. An additional feature is the addressability via the mainboard. In order to guarantee this for as many mainboards as possible, Thermaltake includes a cable for Asus (AURA) Sync, MSI (Mystic Light) or Gigabyte (AORUS RGB Fusion). If the used motherboard does not have one of these connectors, the reset button for switching the modes can also be connected to the board. Unfortunately, the built-in control board also has disadvantages. As already mentioned, none of the fans can be lowered if necessary and the pre-installed RGB fans do not have a standardized connection."

How is it possible for a case of such a price ?? Thermaltake how do i do ?? I have to buy 3 or 4 pin fans ??? My two 200mm fans cannot be used if you cannot adjust their rotation speeds.

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