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  1. Anyone top mount 65mm thick AIO in View 31? I cannot find anywhere what is ram clearance. I measured, and it looks like radiator plus fans 65mm height (280mm aio) can be fitted on top, just asking if anyone mounted something similiar. Thanks
  2. And no one cares about fan spinning 100% all the time cause controller cannot regulate fan speed???? You all either are deaf or never care about silence.....2x200mm fans at full speed sounds like hurricane....Awful Thermaltake inbuilt controller, like in some chinese 20$ cases.....
  3. And builtin controller cannot regulate fan speed, right? In case so expensive.....
  4. Stay away from all aRGB cases, cause they have flawed controller, that cannot control fan speed, so you are stuck with 100% fan speed all the time. I saw those solutions on 30$ cases, but not on 100$+ and even in some more expensive by Thermaltake. So if you dont want fans spinning at 100% all the time, just avoid all Thermaltake cases with builtin aRGB controller !!!!!!
  5. Does this idiotic case fan hub cannot control 2 200mm fans so they spins @ full speed all the time??? Moronic thermaltake doesnt answer i literally burn 120e for this ####case wich sounds like hurricane with 2x200mm @ 800rpm... Does anyone have solution to solder cables to connect on mobo and 3pin??? Or to go to store and broke case on some TT representative heads???
  6. Let they fck themselves. I bought it too and cannot control speed... All time max speed.... Idiots... I threw all 3 fans from my view 31 argb and put my old noctuas inside... #### idiots from TT... No speed control on fans.... Morons
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