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How do I mount front facing fans in the Core P3?

Jacob Raffoul

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Hey there! I'm interested in buying the Core P3 Snow TG but I'm not happy with the way the fans are mounted in Thermaltake's promo images. Is there any way I can mount the fans to be front-facing like in traditional mid towers? Does the case come with brackets that allow me to do so?

I've attached two photos, the first is a promo image and the second is an image I found online of how I want the fans mounted.

Thanks in advance!

images (2).jpeg

images (1).jpeg

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looks like "D" brackets like for holding a pipe like copper water pipe to a wall... thats on the bottom fan bottom screws then it use  a piece of metal with to holes drilled- x4 the metal pieces these hold the middle fan to the top and bottom... the looks like zip ties on top but you could fashion bolt on hooks for the top bar and do them hooked first and secure bottom later... thats my guess... but no the case comes without that, but they prize the case on "moddability"

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Please see here Bryan.


There are no default options to mount fans like that on the side in the P3/P5

However, you can get items 3d printed, Fan holder 001 and 002 combined would give you this setup to hang 120mm or 140mm fans from the glass support bar. There are other options as well.

 Hope this helps ;)

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