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  1. Hi James/Pheelix, I would also like to register my interest in extended chassis addons for the Core P5 (To upgrade to a P7) If your conversations with your internal departments ever come to fruition
  2. Edited to include quote
  3. Pump should not make a noise like that, definitely faulty, and causing your high cpu temps, sounds like the impeller is hitting the inside of the pump. I would stop running the system and send the cooler back before further damage occurs. 10900 is max 100 degrees, but with a water cooler should not be hitting that high unless oc. 100 deg is the temp at which components begin to break down, technically safe, but I would not be happy with those temps at all.
  4. Good News Long as you got it in the end
  5. CJM

    Drain it?

    Thermaltake Pacific C360 DDC Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit Review | bit-tech.net (bit-tech.net) Check out this review, it covers the lack of a drain valve in the kit, and how they suggest draining without one, I know this is the hard tube kit, but looks the same apart from tube type. Was just looking at loops myself, too much time on my hands just now due to Shielding!
  6. This should answer your question, I am no expert on water cooling, (been building 25 years and just used my first AIO), but it is the pump that defines flow direction, not the plate. (1642) Bykski pump and reservoir water cooling combo installation guide - YouTube The hole on the middle of the pump is IN, the one on the side is OUT, same pump, just with a reservoir fitted. Therefore arrows on your diagram are reversed, which if you think about it logically makes sense flows out picks up heat from GPU, then CPU and VRM then into rad to be cooled and so on. Good I read your l
  7. Not really sure what the OP's issue was, never got an answer back as to how he got on, was waiting on some photos to illustrate exactly where the issue was, was a little confusing TBH. I think that was what he was getting at, that he had the 3080 fixed vertically onto the PCI back plate only and the riser was slotted on underneath but unsupported as had removed the vga plate on top of the PSU?? Not really a good idea for such a heavy card if that was how it was installed, basically held up with the backplate, which is normally held on by the ports screwed onto the backplate Been
  8. Not as standard no You could fit a third 3.5" drive, and maybe could mod a location position on top of the PSU box or elsewhere to secure it to as long as there is space.
  9. Hello Apologies if this is back to basics stuff.. Not an expert on this case/board, but from having a look at the manual for the Mobo I would check the following. The VDG Headers on the board seem to have pin 1 reversed, depending on which one you connect to as below, not sure if there is a blanked pin to prevent wrong insertion of the 4 pin plug but would double check that, should be a small arrow to depict pin 1 (V) on the plug. Also just to confirm, are you using the 4 pin cable? as it seems from the led manual that the gigabyte one will not work Failing
  10. It seems there may be a misprint Manual seems to confirm my suspicions, also this review says he was expecting 3x3.5 bays but there are only 2 Thermaltake Versa J24 TG RGB PC Chassis Review (tech4gamers.com) 2 x 2.5”(HDD Bracket) 2 x 3.5” or 2 x 2.5”(HDD Tray) There are 2 x 3.5" bays under in the PSU cabinet, can be used as 3.5 or 2.5 bays There are also 2 x 2.5" movable caddy's, these can be located either on the rear of the motherboard trays on on top of the power supply. To answer your question 2 x 3.5" HDD's and 2 x 2.5" HDD's can be fitted, (or 4 x 2.5" HDD's
  11. If you mean mounting for the vga tray onto the motherboard tray this looks correct as per photo there only is 1 set of holes to screw into. I am going back to basics here but bear with me. I am still not seeing your issue in your photo (PCI slots are wrongly orientated for vertical mount for a start) From the manual it looks like you need to remove the pci slot assembly plates on the rear panel, attach the standoff to the vga tray front right corner and looks like the lhs of the vga tray is supported on the rear of the case somehow ( hooks onto opening where you removed the PCI pla
  12. Please see here Bryan. https://3dmakers.thermaltake.com/Download.aspx#coreP5 There are no default options to mount fans like that on the side in the P3/P5 However, you can get items 3d printed, Fan holder 001 and 002 combined would give you this setup to hang 120mm or 140mm fans from the glass support bar. There are other options as well. Hope this helps
  13. Hello It is very difficult to see what's in the photo you have posted as the inside of your case is dark, if you can take another photo of the VGA Tray and riser cable installed into your case without the card slotted in that may illustrate your issue a bit clearer. I have a different TT case but if it is a similar design to the Core P5 vertical bracket (which looks like it is) there is a spacer that sits between the psu and VGA tray to keep it at the correct height for slotting the card in, this also supports the weight of the card. it looks like there should be similar in the S
  14. Bump Did anyone find out if panels Are still available for the P5?
  15. I have an issue with the paint finish on the new Core P5 TG Ti case, it looks like fingerprints all over the paint most probably from the factory that have over time marked the finish. it does not wipe off. Has anyone experienced the same? Any idea how to remove the marks, I don't want to use anything that will further damage the finish, I tried wiping with a damp cloth but the marks are not coming off. Love the case by the way Thermaltake, very well designed!! Second issue, I have a part left over that says it is for the VGA Tray stand in the manual but cannot work out
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