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Broken Keyboard


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Okay, so i bought a Ttesports athos elite and it was working fine, but when i downloaded the software, i wanted to customize my keys and make a new profile to put them on, but when i did everything was reset, like it should be when i make a new profile, but i went back to my other profile, and not knowing anything about the software because i have never used Ttesports hardward
And im so #### #### stupid that i pressed delete profile, so i was stuck with a random key binded keyboard, So i went and pressed reset and apply on each key hoping it would fix it, and i typed out the alphabet to make sure it did, And it definately did. but. it is stuck on the reactive rgb colour because: Scroll Lock, Printscroll, PauseBreak, Instert, Home, PgUp, Delete, End, Pgdown (rgb reset), f12, f5, f6, f7, f8, f9, f10, f3, f2 , f4, f1, gaming mode, rgb brightness, media keys, Escape, Don't work, i press them but none of them work and because the rgb buttons dont work i cant change it

I need SERIOUS help, how do i fix this?

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