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W200 vs Core-X9

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So, I am currently transitioning from the Core-X9 computer case to the W200. Yesterday I spent about 3 hours building the actual W200 part by part. So far, I have already come across many features in the W200 that I disliked about the Core-X9. 
> The W200 has hinged swinging doors that magnetically hold to the sides of the case, and are easily removable when removal is needed. The X9 has side panels that slide on and are secured with thumb screws. I have never been able to get the side panels of my X9 to secure properly. 
> The W200 has fully removable front panel cables in two individual bay sets, so, if something should happen to that bay of wires, I imagine the bay can just be replaced. The X9 has front panel wires that are hard-wired to the front of the case in a way that can't be removed. Out of the 4 USB ports for my front panel on the X9, the bottom two have never worked. 
The W200's top and side panels snap in in a way that makes them easily removable, and yet, they hold securely when they need to be held in place. The X9's front panel holds are plastic and must be squeezed from the inside to be removed. In my experience they are very difficult to remove, and are easily breakable if done wrong. 
> The W200 holds two fully functioning computers, the X9 only holds 1. 
> The W200 comes with wheels that as far as I can tell, can be replaced with a more heavy-duty wheel. The X9 does not come with any wheels. 

My X9 computer case was good for what it was, but it was my first step into a larger world of expansion that now I find myself coming close to mastery of with the W200 computer case. 

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