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How to download iTools for Windows 2020?

iTools 2020

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As a rule, each iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device needs the best management to get proper results. For that iTools for Windows is the most suitable option for the iDevice users to enhance the device performance than iTunes official. Using iTunes has been big trouble for the iDevice users due to majority of the iDevice users have tended to experience the best of iOS management via iTools for Windows. This article will give great help to enjoy a lot with device performance.

What is iTunes?

Similarly, the developer of Apple Inc has introduced this application to manage the iDevice including advanced features. while using this iTunes official, people had to face complicated issues with slow performance on your iDevice. In that situation, you have to find an ideal application to remove all issues of iTunes and also iTools will give expected results to your management process.

Let’s more on iTools for Windows

Unquestionably, iTools has been a remarkable invention for the community which is released by the ThinkSky team. Especially, This amazing application granted the possibility of getting the best iOS management and data transferring process for your convenience right now. At present, you can use the iTools for your Windows computer to work with a clean and clear interface as well. So you can get a bunch of features to your hand via iTools application without any issues.

Why people tend to Download iTools?

ITools has been the most popular application among available alternative solutions in the public already. iTools is a simple and lightweight application included easy to understand interface for your convenience. So you can continue the process of iOS management using the iTools quickly than iTunes default. Try to use this flexible way to manage the iDevice with better results without any issues.

Key Features of iTools for Windows

iDevice users have a great chance to keep the device by rearranging your icons on your device via icon arranger feature
file manager help you to manage all files and folders using edit, delete, add, remove options.
iTools image tool will help you to preview the images with an original resolution without any issues.
AirPlayer is a new feature will give a chance to watch videos, play games on a vast screen with sharing.
iTools data migration is the feature that allows migrating all kinds of data when you are going to shift to a new device.
battery master feature helps you to get a full report of battery usage by saving battery life for your convenience.

The Process of iTools 4

Also, iTools 4 is the latest version released by the ThinkSky team to manage the iOS 11 milestones. You have such a great version to rich your iOS management experience on your device or via Windows computer as well. iTools 4 allows updating your smart device performance, management using introducing features to make a brilliant result. anyhow, it is better to use the latest version for your device's best management.


In conclusion, iTools for Windows is a great solution to finish several issues on your iDevice. We have provided important information to get the best results of performance for the best management process.


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