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Desk Build (Build Log)


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Hello Everyone!

Just thought I'd share my journey on doing a custom desk mod build. This is my 2nd go around at doing one of these. I am happy with my first one, I just know where the flaws are and want to better myself and build a better one! I'll be posting the build updates as I go. I work long hours so might not get to post once a week. If you guys have any question just ask! Enjoy!


First I had to put together 2 4x8 MDF boards with biscuits and wood glue and let it sit for the night strapped together.



Next day I drew the layout of the bottom of the main desk and started to cut it out... Not the easiest thing to maneuver around but got it done.





After cutting it out I drew the layout of where I wanted to put the main walls up. I did't take any pics of doing it but got the aftermath. Kinda got in the groove and just started doing it. I did decide the change the walls up a little bit to make it more stable the next day.




Here it is with the new design of the walls. I like it a lot better and it feels way sturdier I used a router to cut the holes out instead of piecing together strips I cut out and #### them together.






Had some time tonight to get the leg area started





more to come......................



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