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The Prototype QUAD Fan Mount:

I've almost finished the Prototype mount for the thermaltake quad fans. I still need to mount the controller and do some cable management. Once I have that wrapped up I can get back to programming different RGB patterns and effects. I hope you like the mount I came up with as it took quite a bit of thought to get it the way I wanted.







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Finishing The QUAD Fan Mount:

After mounting the controllers on the back of the fan mount I decided it looked way too hectic. Even though no one will ever see this side of the project I still wanted it to look good. So I went back to the drawing board and started designing a acrylic mount with sides and a top. It wou20200128_204423.thumb.jpg.7f880fea1326fc2f318d0d79f8a4bb4b.jpgld not only serve as a good mounting position for the controllers but would also allow for some cable management and concealment behind the quad fan mount. Below is what it look like when I first mocked it up without the mount.

Mocked up With No Mount:



The Rear Custom Mount Begins:




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Final Video:


I'm currently working on the final video for the thermaltake neon maker Invitational. I can't wait to show you what I've been working on Non-Stop. It should make for not only a cool video but, hopefully a lot of cool different settings that you guys can use for your own personal setups as well as mods. The video should be finished very soon so look out for it.

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