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HELP! Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB and Thermaltake W200

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Please help, 

I am trying to install my Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB 6 channel case fan controller to the front of my W200 computer case in one of the bays. I am certain there's something I'm missing here, but the fan controller itself is too short to fit in the bay. It comes with 4 screws, but so far I don't see any way of securing this to the front of my case short of jury-rigging it in there. There must be a right way to do this unless these two parts are simply incompatible. They are both Thermaltake products so this should be the right place to ask this question, and I haven't been able to find any installation guides or videos for this yet. 

Please help! 


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So, I figured out that the W200 comes with ODD Mounting Brackets, but I gotta be honest, getting that mounted was a huge pain and it definitely doesn't look amazing. The spacing for the pre-drilled holes isn't right to fit the Thermaltake Commander F6 fan controller whis really just baffles me because these are both Thermaltake products. This is the second time I've used a fan controller for my build and the second time that I have basically had to jurry-rig the controller in place to get it to work. In my Core-X9 build the NZXT fan controller I had didn't have any mounting option and now in the W200 it certainly doesn't seem to fit right. It isn't flush with the front of the panel. 




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I'm gonna make a case modification and get this to sit perfectly with the front of the case, it's why I invested so much at the front of this build in various tools, not I'll use them to do exactly what I knew I would probably have to do eventually anyway. I'm gonna drill the holes where I need them to be very carefully, and use a very small bolt and nut system with washers to flush out and secure each part. 

The bracket screws for the bay that the W200 came with are M3x5 screws, so theoretically an M3x10mm bolt with a nut should suffice to secure the fan controller just as well with a very slight amount of case mod. 

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