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200LBS 22 fans 21.2TB 16mm glass tubing about $4,000 in bitspower fittings.. MBR intel 750 1.2TB PCIe NVME SSD.. $1,400 Reservoirs you can not even buy.. 

pumps running at 19% & 23% 2 5 minute stress test in XTU, GPU’s and CPU won’t even get over 87 degrees F.. overclocking numbers are close to world record numbers.. I tell people my temps and OC’ number I get called a liar or I am told my system monitors software is malfunctioning.. I say okay all 3 of them malfunctioning?? You sound like a f’in Hater right now.. oh btw this was my very first from the ground up build ever.. it was completed in 1 day shy of 5 weeks.. I wasn’t even pushing myself.. what working with 1% of what I have in me, I’m hungry.. my new build is going to be so sick, hand blow glass loops and a CPU waterblock machined from a real  meteorite .. going to take the Intel Grandslam and the million dollars cash prize.. 

I will take anyone up on any challenges 





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I need some help trying to build a few brands.. I know I have what it takes to really out do the competition but I’m missing something or someone.. I’m looking for that person who’s not happy at millionaire and wants to hit billionaire status with me.. I’m the real deal.. I started DJ’ing at 10 years old when I acquired two old tape decks.. I found the motor calibration potentiometer used that as my pitch control.. I soldered me two RCA y’s with in-line transforming switches as my mixer all connected to this boom box I had and having to unplug my headphones and plug in the deck being cued.

thats how bad I wanted to become a DJ at 10 years old and nothing was going to stop me not even my age 

at 12 years old I worked all summer to make enough money for one turntable.. parents told me I couldn’t buy one turntable and ended up surprising me buying me two 1200’s and a mixer for Christmas that year.. I was raised right and had to prove myself, nothing came without my commitment or hardwork.. thank you mom and dad, because of you I am me.. I wouldn’t change a thing other than my savings account amount

#### I love my life thank you.

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