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How to safeguard and restore quicken backup files?


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One should follow the given mentioned steps first to create the backup then restore Quicken Backup files on their system:

Create Backup Of Quicken Files

     Go to Quicken software and then hit on File > Backup and Restore option.

     Now choose how you want to back up the data through an external USB drive or Dropbox.

     You can add the current date on the backed-up file and can change the location where you are saving this backup file.

     Now click on the 'Backup Now' option to complete the process.

Restore Quicken Backup Files

     Open Quicken > File > 'Backup and Restore' > Restore from backup.

     Now browse which backup file you want to restore.

      After choosing the file, click on the button 'Restore Backup.'

     Choose the location where you want to keep a copy of the restored Quicken File.

     Give it the name of your choice and then save it and hit yes to complete the process of restoring the file.

At any point, if you find any problem, then you are free to call quicken customer care number that stays available at all 24 hours in the day.


Read More:- quicken tech support | quicken contact number

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