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Thermaltake Core P5 Spare Parts/Looking for a specific part

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I have a Core P5 and I'm making use of the alternate mounting of my GPU with a riser cable. Unfortunately, the chassis only comes with 2 of these metal brackets which the riser cable gets screwed to. 


However, I need to use 3, (2 for my GTX1080ti's in SLI, and 1 for my 10GB NIC)

Is there any place where i can purchase another one of these metal brackets by any chance??? I've searched everywhere online and haven't been able to find anything... :(

Thanks in advance


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I am in the same boat except I can only find 1 bracket and that's the one I am using.  I don't know if mine even came with a second one.  Should it have?  Probably... did it?  I don't remember.

I would be happy if they just provided a 3d model so you could make the part... it isn't being sold anywhere, so that would be the most logical way to handle it.  If I find my other bracket so I have a template, I'll make a 3d printable version and upload it.


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Looking for spare parts too. I need some ' Rubber Φ18mm x 9mm'. In my package there were only 8 of them instead of 12. Now I can't mount one of the glass panels.


Since Tt hasn't reacted to this thread I wonder if it's better to contact the technical support.

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