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Does CPU cooler take same Motherboard header as fans?


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New to building PC.

Chose MSI MEG Z390 ACE motherboard.   I'm looking for a simple case and found the Commander C36.

I want to have a CPU cooler but it looks like those take their own connector on the motherboard so I wonder where I'd plug in a controller for the ARGB fans??

Also, most of the CPU cools show ARGB Plus... which I really don't want... I just want it to work with all the other Thermaltake fans... but "something" needs to control the fans so I'm not sure I can just use the standard ARGB controllers.   All-in-all... I'm just trying to build a dirt-simple PC with a water cooled CPU and I spent my day trying to figure out the cooling strategy and cannot figure it out.  Can someone help?   I'm just going to use one GPU (WX4100) and no CPU (i7-9900) overclocking.  This is for a simple work workstation (not gaming). 

'Wish Thermaltake had a pre-sales chat or number I could call... I'd purchase in a minute!   But to chose from 300 chassis ??  Really?


ANY help would be greatly appreciated.




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