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CORE P5 Gigabyte Z390 Master - RGB Controller


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Hey guys,

Got my liquid cooled P5 Chassis all put together. Everything is working except the RGB controller. I have 4 fans on the radiator all default rainbow and the Thermaltake W4 CPU water block in rainbow mode too. Downloaded the TT RGB Plus software and get the Error Code: H_0x0001) telling me fan controller cant be found. Tried everything with pulling it apart and rebuilding it to make sure it is all connected and the connections look like everything is correct. Any ideas how to resolve it so I can change the colors? Rest of my specs are:

MB: Gigabyte Z390 Master

CPU: Intel 9900KS Special Edition.

VID: Nvidia 1070 GTX 8Gig

Mem: 16 Gig Corsair Vengeance RBG

PSU: 850W Thermaltake Tough power Grand RGB.

Radiator Themaltake 360mm with 4 RiiNG Plus 4 fans liquid cooled all connected through the controller TT is comes with in the box.  It is custom built with liquid cooled using the Thermaltake all in one Water pump Pacific.

Anything that can help to get the controller to work and eliminate that error code would be appreciated. RGB Fusion 2.0 works perfectly. 



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