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  1. Build Log: Core G3

  2. Build Log: Core G3

  3. Build Log: Core G3

  4. Build Log: Core G3

  5. Build Log: Core G3

    reservoir mounted to the front of the Core G3
  6. Build Log: Core G3

    Custom extensions by Darkside;
  7. Build Log: Core G3

    Finished painting the Core G3 white;
  8. Build Log: Core G3

    modified ram and case feet
  9. Build Log: Core G3

    Just a quick update as I get ready for more primer.
  10. Build Log: Core G3

    Hello TT and welcome to my first sponsored build! Its an honour to be working with Thermaltake on this project and hopefully future projects as well! I will be working with Thermaltake's Core G3 slim ATX case. Its really great to be able to put an ATX board in such a small case and opens up a whole bunch of options for your living room computer. I will be painting the case and installing a liquid cooling system for the cpu. If you can read my banner you probably already know the theme of this build, and yes I will be 'tastefully' applying about 250 stickers, as well as some other mods. The components: I5 2500k MSI Z68 mobo XFX RX 480 G.skill 16Gb ram Thermaltake SFX Toughpower 600w 128gb micron SSD 3Tb Seagate HDD Liquid cooling by Thermaltake & Thermaltake Core G3 Core G3 stripped down to the bare case: New Thermaltake 12mm hard tube fittings: Thermaltake's new Pacific W4 RGB cpu water block: Thermaltake SXF Toughpower 600W gold PSU: Riing plus RGB premium edition: These should make great radiator fans.
  11. P5 redux

    Its finished!
  12. P5 redux

  13. P5 redux

  14. P5 redux

    3rd and final backplate, and Trident X DDR 3 in gold/black.
  15. P5 redux