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Everything posted by Necrodead

  1. reservoir mounted to the front of the Core G3
  2. Custom extensions by Darkside;
  3. Finished painting the Core G3 white;
  4. Just a quick update as I get ready for more primer.
  5. Hello TT and welcome to my first sponsored build! Its an honour to be working with Thermaltake on this project and hopefully future projects as well! I will be working with Thermaltake's Core G3 slim ATX case. Its really great to be able to put an ATX board in such a small case and opens up a whole bunch of options for your living room computer. I will be painting the case and installing a liquid cooling system for the cpu. If you can read my banner you probably already know the theme of this build, and yes I will be 'tastefully' applying about 250 stickers, as well as some other mods. The components: I5 2500k MSI Z68 mobo XFX RX 480 G.skill 16Gb ram Thermaltake SFX Toughpower 600w 128gb micron SSD 3Tb Seagate HDD Liquid cooling by Thermaltake & Thermaltake Core G3 Core G3 stripped down to the bare case: New Thermaltake 12mm hard tube fittings: Thermaltake's new Pacific W4 RGB cpu water block: Thermaltake SXF Toughpower 600W gold PSU: Riing plus RGB premium edition: These should make great radiator fans.
  6. 3rd and final backplate, and Trident X DDR 3 in gold/black.
  7. Some parts installed, waiting for more.
  8. Finished painting and polishing the P5!
  9. Below are some pictures of how I had my P5 last, unfortunately it didn't last long in its current form before I wanted to re-do it. I am currently sanding away on the new paint job, the old one was not up to my standards and kept flaking off. This time I have painted it metallic blue.
  10. Looks great! Nice bends and good theme. Now tame those GPU cables!
  11. Sweet build EZ. Where is the return of Redliner? haha.
  12. Wicked build! You are running out of things to cool with their own loop!
  13. Interesting use of the P5 chassis, wish I had thought of it! and cool passthrough, can't wait to see you connect the 2 sides!
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