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  1. Not only are you lurking in the trees, but you have this with you!?!?!?!?! Oh man I gotta be careful
  2. Destination #2 After carefully navigating the forest back to the Origines camp (thankfully no ALI-en bandits discovered me) I take a closer look at the core artifacts. After several tests I have learned the sheer power of these modules has made them highly volatile and therefore extremely dangerous to transport. I must create a safe and stable crate/capsule if I hope to complete my journey of transporting these rare artifacts to the Atlantian Ark.
  3. Destination #1 Just another day in post-apocalyptic Europa. I, Erik Bmods, of the forest tribe Origines am on another routine hunting and gathering trip when I stumble across some unknown artifacts. Under further inspection I discover the parts I have stumbled across are the core components to mysterious artifacts from the Atlantian tribe (The only tribe whos technology managed to survive the global blackout). I must return to the camp with my find and study more. P.S. I must be cautious as there are reports of ALI-en bandits lurking in the trees
  4. ATLANTIAN ARTIFACTS The year is 2074. A global blackout has reset civilization. The people of Europe now renamed Europa have split into tribes, The Atlantians, The Crows, Crimson Republic and The Origines. I am Erik Bmods a member of the simple forest dweller tribe The Origines. I have been tasked with transporting mysterious Atlantian artifacts to their "ark". Journey: Destination #1: Record and Study Artifacts (product specs and photos) Destination #2: Design Transport Vessel (design and model project) Destination #3: Build and Assemble Transport Vessel (3d pr
  5. Badass bro....or should I say Batass lol. This look like a really cool concept. Cant wait to see how these turn out.
  6. Cheers guys and best of luck to everyone. This was an amazing contest for sure.
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