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RGB Riing Fans not behaving properly

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Hi guys wondering if you can help me out here. I installed a couple RGB Riing fans in my case, but they are behaving strangely. I'll try to explain the main things the best I can with bullet points:


  • When I turn my PC on, the fans will spin.
  • One fan is plugged into the controller where the white dot is.
  • When I first turn my PC on, both fans will light up for a second, but:
  1. The lights will turn off again (fans keep spinning though), or:
  2. One fan will stay lit, while the other still spins, but has no lighting.
  • "low RPM mode" (or whatever the official name for that is), just turns the fans completely off, they don't seem to go to a lower RPM at all. I could be mistaking it though, but the blue light on the controller is 'normal' mode, and when you push the speed button the light should turn red and the fans should slow to a lower RPM?


Happy to provide any other information as needed!



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