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  1. Hi, Can you try to connect TF2 to the controller which you connected the CPU water block? the controller comes with the W5 CPU water block which inside the M360 PLUS kit supports the TF2 to show temp and flow via our software. Just want to make sure you connect the correct controller.
  2. Hi, Currently you can not change the fan assignment via our software, but we have create a new and easier way to pair your fans and controllers, it will be soon to launch in June with TT RGB PLUS 2.0 software.
  3. Hi, Can you share what components you installed and your loop setup? If you can share a photo of your system is even better.
  4. Hi, Your PC can connect to LAN, just make sure your mobile connects to the same domain.
  5. Hi, RGB PLUS software does not offer Hotkey function, but we will discuss the possibility with R&D team, thank you.
  6. Hi, Riing 12 RGB only works with the controller, can not be controlled by software.
  7. Hi, I think you may consider our Massive V20, it features one 200mm cooling fan and support to 17'' laptop. https://www.thermaltake.com/massive-v20.html
  8. Hi, Did you try the latest version 1.4.2? https://www.thermaltake.com/downloads
  9. Hi, No problem, if any issues please let us know.
  10. Hi, RGB PLUS software now is updated to 1.4.2, you may download the new version, the issue should be fixed.
  11. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience, I think the AIO is defective, you may contact our customer service for RMA.
  12. Hi, Water 3.0 ARGB series AIOs only work with motherboard RGB software or the little controller that comes with the AIO. It can not connect with Corsair's controller.
  13. Hi, For socket compatibility, yes, Floe Ring RGB 280 AIO can fit it.
  14. Hi, Water 3.0 series AIOs do not support threadripper CPU. You may consider Floe Riing RGB TR4 AO
  15. Hi, Here is the link https://www.thermaltakeusa.com/pacific-core-p5-dp-d5-plus.html
  16. Hi, TT RGB PLUS now is 1.4.2, it should solve the issue. https://www.thermaltake.com/downloads
  17. Hi, the 8 pure plus fans are all connected to TT sync controller right? If correct, it can not be controlled by RGB plus software once you plug the fans to tt sync controller. TT sync controller is designed for motherboard rgb software.
  18. Hi, It sounds like a RMA issue, you may contact our customer service.
  19. Hi, The fans with the AIO can not be controlled by RGB PLUS software, they are not software based fans. You can try GBT's RGB software, just make sure you connect the fans to 5V ARGB header.
  20. Hi, Fan with Water 3.0 120 ARGB is PWM, TH120 is fixed speed, it depends on if you need a PWM fan.
  21. Hi, Can you check if the power cable connect properly?
  22. Hi TT RGB PLUS software only supports Thermaltake products, It can not control T-Force memory.
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