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  1. Hi, The issue will be fixed with the update early next month.
  2. I am not sure if AURA changed anything, but what i know is AURA sends one signal to our controller, and the controller just pass it to the products, I will contact AURA team to check if they change the way to send signal.
  3. Hi, The led strip is designed in a series, so there are two way to connect it, 1. connect the three led strips into one and plug to port 1 2. connect each led strips to port 3 on each side.
  4. TT Sync controller sends the same command to 1-1-1, 2-2-2, and 3-3-3, means every 1st port will receive the same command. Every MB has different max LED support, some are 200 LEDs, some just 150 LEDs, in order to ensure every product plugged can work properly, we uses parallel design to send command to those ports.
  5. Hi, No, just need to update TT RGB Plus, we will release it soon.
  6. Hi, The controller you connected is TT Sync controller, it does not support TT RGB Plus software, TT Sync controller is designed for MB RGB software. You may try ASUS AURA.
  7. Correct, TT sync is a hub to send command to the products plugged in, it does not have light effects built-in.
  8. Hi, Issue fixed, it will be included in next update early next month.
  9. Hi, It looks like it is software issue, not sure ASUS changed anything about light effects. The reason I said that is TT sync controller do receive commands from AURA and pass to the fans, and the fans are working fine. We will contact ASUS team to check this issue as well.
  10. Can you upload photos of how you connection these products to controllers? Since you have 3 fans, 1 pump, 1 block, and 3 led strips.
  11. Hi, Our TT RGB Plus software can control fan speed, it can be PWM or manually adjust a specific speed, you can download it via our product page. https://www.thermaltake.com/pure-plus-12-rgb-radiator-fan-tt-premium-edition-3-fan-pack.html
  12. We have not seen this issue on other OS version, will study it with our R&D team and get back to you soon.
  13. Hi, Did you mean you cant not find the controller in TT RGB Plus software? If yes, TT Sync controller is designed for MB RGB software and it does not support TT RGB Plus software, if you like to use TT RGB Plus, please connect to the controller came with these products.
  14. TT CPM

    hey! my question

    Hi, Ideal connection likes below. AIO 280 + 2 x Riing plus on one controller to molex 1. 5 x riing plus on one controller to molex 2. 1 x riing plus + 3 led strips on one controller to molex 2.
  15. Thank you for the detail. Discussed with our R&D team, to verify if this is a hardware issue or software issue, could you please try one more thing. Please connect these 4 fans as 1-2 and 1-2, keep one side of controller empty, and please let me know the following info. 1. photos of these fans when running AURA rainbow, flash or dash? 2. Do the fans run our default rainbow mode when you turn on PC?
  16. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. The product was launched before AM4, looks like the spec on box did not update. But AM4 is same as AM3, the cooler still can support AM4, please refer to the AM3 installation guide.
  17. Hi, Based on your description, you have total 7 fans connected to TT Sync controller, and you have 2 fans plugged to the side that has sync issue, please correct me if wrong, Can you try to swap the fans on port 1 and port 2, cuz it looks like the fan on port 1 didnt send commands to port 2, i assume both ports are functioning normal. If all fans you have are Riing plus or Riing Duo, it is fine to plug total 9 fans to one TT Sync controller.
  18. TT CPM

    Neon Maker issues

    Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. May i know the following info for troubleshooting. Neonmaker version? Which TT Products you connected and how many: Did you install TT RGB Plus? does it work fine?
  19. Hi, May i know the follow in info. OS version, CPU, MB, PSU, qty of TT products you connect, how you connect these products to controllers, connection between controllers and PSU.
  20. Hi, 3 riing quad on each controllers is ok, and connect the controllers to different molex (4pin) cable.
  21. Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, the only version we have is 1.0, since this product was EOL several years ago.
  22. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. May i know your OS version? The reason i ask is since windows releases win 10 2004 update, we have received some controller fail reports, some major MB makers also received it, it will cause USB detection fail, then system does not recognize the controller and products you plugged. Could you check "device manager" in windows see if it shows USB driver error or USB fail? If yes, right click to uninstall the device and restart your PC.
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