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Toughpower 850 AP with Dual Xeon x5680's..

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Going to be using the TP850w with a dual Xeon X5680 (12/24 core/thread 2x130w TDP, i7-980x equiv.) This setup needs 2 8-pin EPS connections. From my understanding of the TP850 it has four "rails" (virtual rails??) and I would like the spread the load evenly as possible, any suggestions on keeping everyone happy, cause sharing is caring..


Cpu  1 8-pin EPS


Cpu 2 Split 8-pin vs  Molex to 8-pin Adaptor vs Pci 8-pin to EPS 8-pin Adaptor


Gpu GTX 760 Dual 6-pin Pci TDP 170W


Dual Silverstone Tundra Closed loop's 2x20w use mobo headers for pumps/fans (8 4-pin headers avail. all will be used with either setup) vs molex/sata power for pumps (runs @ 100% full time) and mobo header for fans

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Hi Scottfree1


After study and I have found your PSU spec here:


12V1 : CPU 8PIN, CPU 4Pin

12V2 : PCIE(modular), CPU 8PIN

12V3 : 24PIN, PCI-E (Non modular cable)

12V4 : SATA, 大4Pin, PCI-E(modular)


Because your CPU can consume up to TDP 130W, therefore, I suggest you can take 12V3 (non modular cable) for your GTX 760



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