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  1. Hi, Thanks for your message. Down below is Toughpower GF1 850W cable information. There are 3 lanes for PCI-E cables and 6 connectors in total. You can use 1 cable direct, 1 cable split to connect all three pins, but just a bit worried about the split cable is overloaded. So we recommend that choose a higher wattage PSU to connect the ASUS RTX 3080/3090 Strix models one by one is safer.
  2. Hi , Thanks for your message. We recommend that if you want to use ASUS RTX 3080/3090 Strix models, please use at least 850W up models. Here's some list for your reference. https://www.thermaltake.com/toughpower-pf1-850w-tt-premium-edition.html https://www.thermaltake.com/toughpower-gf1-850w-tt-premium-edition.html Thanks
  3. Hi, We would like to find a solution to this issue if the market needed. But so far, most of the companies still offer 8pin PCI-E cable, also if you got the NVIDIA GPU, they offer the dongle for 2 8pin PCI-E to 12pin PCI-E. Hope this message would help. Thanks
  4. Hi, For safety concerns, we do recommend using the original cable instead. Thanks
  5. Hi, Thank you for your message. We don't suggest using GF1 cables, PF1 and GF1 are made by different manufacturers, so it's better to use own one. Thanks
  6. Hi JCinVA, Thanks for your message. We suggest you do the RMA process first, then we can do the test to see the problems. Thanks
  7. Hi, We have seriously considered this issue after discussing it with our RD team, we decide won't make any change recently. Moreover, NVIDIA will put in a 12 pin to 6+2 pin dongle with GPU, hope this message helps you. Thanks
  8. Hi, Thanks for updating us! If you need further help, please feel free to contact us!
  9. Hi, We have discussed with the customer service team again. Have you received any response yet? Thanks
  10. Hi, Have you received any response yet? If not, please let us know. Thank you
  11. If you got Toughpower IRGB 1200, you can download our application on your PC or mobile phone to control the lighting, There's the link down below: https://dps.thermaltake.com/en/feed/index
  12. Hi, Thank you for your message, early the customer service team told us that you had written an email for them, so our customer service teams will reach out to you in a few days later. If you have further requirements, please let us know. Thank you
  13. Hi ilie321, There's a specification of the primary coil, please check it! Also, we highly recommend do not fix on your own, there's a bit risky. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your message. Can I kindly ask you which model do you use? For RGB series, we have Toughpower ARGB, Toughpower IRGB and Toughpower Grand RGB series, there's the link down below then you can see which one do you get. https://www.thermaltake.com/products/power-supply.html?psu_wattage=89 However, Toughpower ARGB series support 5V header, allowing you to control the lights directly from the software without installing any extra lighting software or controllers. Toughpower Grand RGB series support 12V header and you can't control the lighting by the motherboard software. Hope above messages are helpful. Thanks
  15. Hi, If you did the test, then still not working, please do the RMA progress. Thanks
  16. Hi, Sorry, we don't sell cable individually. Can you tell us about your region? We will try to find one for you. Thanks
  17. Hi We suggest that use original cable is safer. Which region do you live? We will see if there's any chances for finding a cable for you. Thanks
  18. Hi Can I kindly ask what model did you use? Thanks
  19. Hi, Unfortunately, we don't sell cable individually, Sorry for your inconvenience.
  20. Hi, Could you sent your request for us by email , please! Thank you irischen@thermaltake .com
  21. Hi! Could you please send your contact email to us? We will reach you in person. Thanks
  22. Hi Rizwan, Can I kindly ask you, how did you check the voltage? Can you show us pics? Thanks
  23. Hi, Thank you for your questions and sorry for the misunderstanding. The pictures as you saw just we want to express the effect of circle mode, but it doesn't mean multicolor. Hope that's helpful for you. Thank you
  24. Hi, Sorry for your inconvenience. We just want to make sure did you turn the smart zero fan mode on? If YES, please turn it off and try it again, because the fan won't work under 40% load. If NO, please return it to Best Buy. Thank you
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