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Just another frustrated Riing 12 RGB user...

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Even though, at this point, it feels like #### in a river of ####... Here's another thread about the Riing 12 RGB software not working on the most current build of Windows 10 x64. 


My PC acknowledges that the controller is plugged in and unplugging and replugging produces the typical device added/removed chime in Windows. 


The most current version of the software seems to "start up" but clicking the icon in the icon tray does nothing. 


Older versions of the software load successfully, but as many others have pointed out, it doesnt actually interact with the fans in any way.  Displays 0 RPM, changing light colors does nothing on the actual fans, etc... 



90 bucks for static RED and low RPM fans.   


The most frustrating this about the whole thing is Thermaltakes complete lack of interest or effort in resolving the matter. 





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Listen I told you how to fix the problem, but TT does care in resolving the matter. If I were you I would ask if you can send those back and see if they will send you the new fans. The old software and controller do have compatibility issues with Anniversary update. If you have regular Windows 10 x64 you can run HID with Windows 8.1 compatibility and the software will work.

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