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ThpoughPower dps 1050 burned...

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Hi, and hello to the comunity. I am looking for some help regarding to a broken tough power dps 1050   ,240 V  version.

Unfortunately i connected the EPS 12 volt connector for the MB to a PCIE port of the powersupply resulting in a immediate fuse blow. I opened the powersupply and found  the RL1 condensator ( the big blue one besides the coill) burned. Is there anyone who can help me with the parts number  or a repair kit for a broken 12 v in /out put rail?


For anyone who wants to know  i checkd the motherboard with a different power supply and it seems ok  so no components got damaged by applying - 12V to + 12V line... guess i just was lucky...



Thanks for helping to find the  parts.....



Found it SCK 058 or any npc 5 ohm and 7.5 to 8 amps....

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if the RL1 is the only burned component as you have mentioned, it is the electronic relay that can protect psu from the damages caused by abnormal input voltage.

however, here is the spec of the RL1 component





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@Denny,, thanks for reply  i was a little too unspecific, i used the EPS  cable (plug) comming from the motherboard and plugged it into the PCIE jack in the PSU ( did this because i was too lazy to kneel down ).

The result was a immediate fuse blow of the house wiring.

Next I removed the EPS  cable from the psu and plugged it into the right psu slot  but damge was done...

I disasembled the powersupply and found the thermistor broken....  and i thing one more diode it damge , too  because it has no resistance anymore..

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