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Smart Se 630 Restarting

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First of all These are my PC Specs :

-Windows 10

-GTX970 Windforce X3 OC (Gigabyte)

-AMD Fx8350 with CoolerMaster Hyper Evo 212

-8gb DDR3 1600mhz Cl11

-WD Blue 500gb 16mb cache 7200 rpm HDD

-SSD kingston 60gb

-Mobo GIGABYTE GA-970-Gaming

-ThermalTake Smart SE 630w

1 year and a half old PC (except for the cpu Cooler which is 1)

Original Problem : 

The PC restarts (the MOBO lights stay on, it seems like the PSU is 'farting')  after like 1 minute in Furmark and after 10 minutes or less of gaming (Overwatch all low settings, Warframe, Endless Legend). Event viewer gives kernel power event ID 41 error . I have tried with a different PSU but to no avail. Both the Thermaltake PSU and the GPU have been in warranty. CPU stress tests run for up to 3 hours (at which point i stopped out of boredom). Browsing the web can go on for hours, I haven't got any restarts while doing this. No errors whatsoever just black screen and it starts all over. I scanned with Microsoft anti-malware, Malwarebyte Premium,no viruses. Did a fresh install of win10 but to no avail. Haven't really tested the SSD and HDD.

Temps are OK!

TL;DR Title + Warranty says OK PSU and GPU, RAM tests OK, GPU stress OK, MOBO OK

Solution : 

 Since my I got told my PSU sucks, i tried underclocking the GPU. Seems to be working now(but I've got some really bad fps drops in games)

Right now :

I have successfully determined that the PSU is the culprit. The warranty won't take it thought, and I can't afford a new one (don't think i'll be going for thermaltake anymore, i paid premium for this one). I've been using my PC for like 2 months now with maximum underclock on my GPU but it started restarting even with these settings. I've searched the internet to no avail. What can I do?

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Hi Catalyst

After study your PC specification, I am suggeting replace your 630W power supply with a 750W.

However, since your are still in the warranty, please contact our customer service for replacement.

USA/Canada/South America:


Australia/ New Zealand

International Global Customers:

Thank you for choosing Thermaltake

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