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3/6 Riing RGB 12 TT premium edition

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Hey guys !

First of all, sorry for my bad english :]

So, I bought 2x3 fans for my new pc case (H440).

Since i'm a noob, I asked someone to install them.

The guy did, and after the first test, only one of the two controller were actualy detected by the software.

I tested everything (driver, cleaning, switching port) and even take my whole Pc to a professionnal who didnt found a problem at all.

My MOBO is an Asus x99 Deluxe, everything is connected correctly since the non recognized fan are red and turn.


What could be the problem ?

If one of my controller dead, can i get another free of charge ?

I'm already asking myself if I should return them and put on the basic case fan..

Thank for your future help !


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Did you check the dip switch settings for BOTH controllers?

If they are both set to the same, only 1 will show up.

Also, if above is not "it" test both controller separately, make sure they both work together. 

Then depending on result, check the connections, you can:

1. connect both controllers to the USB header cable that is included

2. Use the daisy chain cable and see if you get different result. (Try both of these if the top option is not it)

keep us posted!

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