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  1. I have other issue I have 2 sets of Riing RGB Plus ( 5 pack and 3 pack ) The first controller is setting to PWM all fans (profile 1) When I set the second controller for NO PWM (profile 1 or 2 or 3....) the new 1.2.0 crash the program
  2. Thanks for answering. I'll soon want to try out the news. If you need another Beta Tester ......
  3. Please, put a way for users to set MIN, MEDIUM, and MAX temps for color change in THERMAL mode. Several processors have different values (intel 79XX already starts to work "hot" to Thermaltake Thermal standards) Use HWi64 too....is more stable
  4. You're welcome !!!! We are in the same boat
  5. You should have 2 controllers with the same phisical codes (pins). Look behind them and change the order of the pins in 1 of them. See in the manual how to connect 2 controllers
  6. Open the software and go to inexist fan Click this symbol above to disable
  7. I would like to give an opinion. Try to do the following: 1- Unplug the control and Uninstall the program completely 2 - Restart Win10 and run CCleaner to clear the registry 3- Enter the Device Manager and delete all the USBs that are not being used 4- Run the CCleaner again 5- Restart Win10 6- Install the program (without connecting the control) with Administrator Privileges 7- Turn off the PC 8- Plug control into an internal USB 9- Restart Win10 If it does not work, try this: 5- Turn off the PC 6- Connect the control to an internal USB 7- Restart or Win10 8- Install the program (with the control connected) with Administrative Privileges See if it works This seems to me the same problem that some iPhones have with USB
  8. You asked the same question I've been asking (with no answer) No one says which parameter is used in the PWM function. If, when choosing the PWM function, the coolers are at maximum speed, it indicates high temperature of your CPU by the defaults (??) of the HWi32 monitoring software (click on the thermaltake board info), I guess. To make the coolers run at a slower speed, just uncheck the PWM function
  9. My PC works with watercooler in a cool environment. Because of this, the temperature variation of the processor is less than normal. (30C~63C) When I choose the THERMAL function (the coolest in my opinion) the color and speed of the fans rarely change/varies. Would anyone know how I can modify the values of this function to take better advantage of the effects of colors? thks in advance RIING PLUS RGB x 4 + 1.1.2 software (Asus R4F + Intel 3870X)
  10. Hi ThermalMike, First of all, thanks for giving us the chance to try Beta Software My specs: - Asus Rampage IV Formula ( I'm waiting for the release of Rampage VI Extreme) - Intel 3970X (I will to buy 7900X dellided ) - 16Gb DDR3 G.Skill - Win 10 x64 (last version) - 4 Fans ( I bought 5 pack 120 Ring Plus Premium) I installed the new 1.1.205 Cheers !!!! The program has improved considerably ! - Start Win + Program -------------------- 100% (The program remembers the last recorded profile) - Functions (I've tried all the options) -- 100% - Restarting --------------------------------- 100% (The program remembers the last recorded profile) - Sleep --------------------------------------- Problem (The program remembers the last profile used but don't accept any other saved profile). I need to restart the program For me the program is excellent and functional. Congrat !!!!!! I'm just sad that we still can not choose limits / colors for the THERMAL function but I understand all the work you're giving Best Regards * I was forgetting to comment. I uninstalled the previous program, erased the registry with CCleaner and also deleted the TT directories (ProgramFiles x86 and Users/**/AppData/Roaming/Tt) before installing the new software
  11. Hi ThermalMike, Can you tell us when we will have a new version of the software? Regards
  12. Hi folks How can I manually configure the THERMAL profile (Color, temperature limit, fan speed) adjustments ??
  13. Whenever I connect or disconnect some external HDD to the USB 3.0 port the program returns to the last saved profile. The program also freezes in the last profile after returning from the system suspend
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