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DOA Toughpower DPS G 750w

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Hi all,

just finished my new build, plugging in the power cord, but no joy. On de MB (Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7) the power button on de MB is on and the memory is flashing RGB. 

But I cannot boot... is it normal the the fan of RGB lighting doesn’t work when the power switch if flipped on the power supply? 

Thanks for your input. 

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Hi Tzeunis,

according to your issue,  there might be problems with motherboard, RAM, cable, case bottom or power supply

it's hard to distinguish which one is failed

If there is a start bottom (red one) on your motherboard, you can try to start computer with it (shown as following picture)


If it is still not working, then I will suggest you check all these components  one-by-one or you can find the retailer to check for you

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Hi Darren,


I have a power button like that. It is lit up. All leds on the motherboard flash short and then turn when switching the button on the psu. After 20 seconds the rgb memory is also lit up, but no joy when pressing the power button. 

It is my 4th build, so I am no newby. CPU is installed correctly by aligning en pressing with lever. 

I need to say that when i looked to my 24atx cable on one pin there is a bend edge. Maybe that is causing a problem...

Going to de-assemble my build and test the main board on the cardboard box...

Is there a way to test de psu without the motherboard and cpu?

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