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Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 TT edition HELP

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This software is garbage. Is there a possible way to set fan curves so that I can control my pump and fan speeds? I want to be able to use the bios to set a curve or atleast use the software so that I can have the fans/pump speed set to run at temps I want it to. This software always uses between 10-15% cpu and my temps are higher with this aio then my old garbage aio. Also can't believe I paid $200 for a cooler which I have no control over. THANKS!

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Apologize for the issues with the software, if you could help us to help you explain what is wrong maybe a setting change is all you need.

For AIO coolers, the pump speed is fixed, this AIO is from ASTEK just like most of them in the market and they are all the same. You should not have to adjust the pump speed, it should be fine the way it is I have seen great results and it is one of the top performing coolers in the market based on reviews.

10-15% usage? Sounds like something is going on there, could you provide a screenshot to show all your top processes?

Will try to give some adjust here, or you can contact our support directly: (Maybe something is going on with the product and you may need a replacement)


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I fixed the problem. I am running an I5 8600k and the frequency always boost from 3.6 to 4.3 ghz whenever the software is open. The software to control the thermaltake fans is always using between 15-20% CPU when idle and it causes my cpu to idle at 40 with the coolers setup. 
I fixed this problem by buying a corsair h150i pro and replacing the garbage thermaltake software with corsairs link software (much better)

Would highly recommend anyone who purchased the thermaltake floe riing 360 to return it ASAP and go with a more better cooler with better software.

Thanks for your reply and I hope you guys fix your issues with your software which is garbage.

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