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    [Russia] Kozlov Konstantin

    Thank You! Hello, I made another unboxing Second oldest model among the Thermaltake radiators of size 282.5x129x64 mm and intended for installation of two 120 mm fans. Package comes with 8 long screws M3 30 mm 4 screws M3, 8 mm long and 3 plugs with thread G1/4” and a special key for them. A distinctive feature of the RL series radiators – availability of ports G1/4” on both sides of the radiator, which in some cases greatly simplifies the wiring of the circuit. RL240 made of galvanized aluminum, the stated density is a 14 FPI (fins per inch).
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    View 31 TG RGB problems

    That video shows the Riing plus fans. Unfortunately you don't get these fans, you only get the older, standard Riing fans with the case.
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    [Philippines] Mhike Samsin

    Hey everyone long time no post. some of the parts that I needed for the build got stuck on customs and I was also busy prepping for Computex. here's a few updates. just got these of from ebay. "nylon cable drag chains" here's the result.
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    Tt David

    VENTUS X Plus+ Owner's Club

    Thanks for sharing!! Nice job
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    [Philippines] Mhike Samsin

    Hardware sponsors also arrived. -ASUS Maximus IX CODE -Intel i7 7700k -ASUS GTX 1070 Strix -V-color 16GB DDR 4 -V-color 240GB M.2 SSD Huge thanks to the following for the awesome support! ASUS Republic of Gamers Intel Philippines V-Color
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    [Philippines] Mhike Samsin

    quick photo op.
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