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Everything posted by tantric

  1. thanks bro! missing the fun times as well. hope we can all go back to computex soon. goodluck on your project!
  2. quick layout and assembly for the moving arms and hands. prepped and painted before. final product.
  3. parts for the mid ribcage and torso assebmly. i used o-rings in between the aluminum bars to provide friction. and tigten up the connection of the arms and mid cage assembly. preparing the base connector for the head.
  4. started making the base for the track wheels. conceptualizing the upper torso. a combination of the handlebar brackets and alum bars. base and trackwheels done.
  5. i wanted to strip down the original anodizing so the epoxy paint will adhere better. here i'm using lye solution (caustic soda and water) to remove the original anodizing 5mins into the solution. stripped and cleaned.
  6. for this season's entry, i decided to go a bit retro. say hello to johnny 5 starting this build by using some alum brackets and tubing. these are custom motorcycle handlebar brackets. cutting each one to size using the grinder.
  7. some quick updates on my rammod invitational entry. guess the theme
  8. thank you! looking forward to everyone's awesome mod. goodluck to all!
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