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  1. It is tricky finding a case that has it all. I did like my Thermaltake View 31, but because it broke and support doesn't want to reply, I ended up buying the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv. It's far better built, and seals the glass in, which also the Thermaltake case doesn't. It does have it's flaws. The top "filters" are similar to the Thermaltake case, maybe a lil smaller. I just used the filter from my view case to compensate. Also, the top radiator support is good, but not perfect, like the view 31 case. It's all about finding that happy medium imo. For me, with a few mods for top radiator support and ventilation, the Phanteks case is the winner. I have been using it for a few months now, and so far anyway, the dust is almost non-existant.
  2. Indeed, as I said, there is no filter. Also, there is nothing stopping anything going in the bottom of the front panel either. IMO, they should have used the same material in the bottom filter for the top and front.
  3. There is no filter in the front. Just the holes in the front panel are classed as dust filters!
  4. I had the View 31. The glass broke due to the plastic that holds the glass to the frame broke and it fell to the floor. Anyway, back to it. The filters on the front and top have quite large holes, it will stop large particles, but not dust. I used it for three months and it was filthy throughout, yet the filters were not as dirty. The one on the bottom is great though.
  5. The dust filters are rubbish and the quality of the case is very poor. The only thing "good" about this case, is it's depth and water cooling support!
  6. Good luck with that, I have posted every week now, since February and still yet to have a response!
  7. The case won't cause this issue, make sure you're plugged into the GPU and check the drivers!
  8. Return the item to the seller. I have been contacting support since February and still no response.
  9. I have also messaged Thermaltake many times, and it seems nobody reads the emails. I would suggest opening an RMA and see if you get a reply. They don't care about talking to their customers.
  10. Then maybe you have a dud one, and all I can recommend is that you contact support. http://my.thermaltake.com/csWarranty.aspx
  11. http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model_Specification.aspx?id=C_00002559 It says that it does and it does seem to support a 280. If you look at the blown up image in the gallery, you can see 4x rails, two for each radiator/fan setup. They also look as if they're movable, so they might need adjustment or are missing.
  12. I would suggest getting air moving around the area. Place a fan in the case so it's blowing fresh air between the panel and GPU. Other than that, don't use the rise and mount the GPU normally. I know it defeats the purpose, but plastic, when it gets hot, gets soft.
  13. That video shows the Riing plus fans. Unfortunately you don't get these fans, you only get the older, standard Riing fans with the case.
  14. It's more like a test bench, so probably not. If it was a closed case, you would as you would some sort of airflow.
  15. According to Corsair, it will fit a 360mm on the top. As for performance, these are the same manufacturer as all the others, the only difference is the badge and fans. As for it being enough, I'm not sure, all CPU's are different, it all depends on what the voltage you would need to hit 5.0Ghz. If you want to connect it to the motherboard, you would need to check if it has a pump header, it's better to use a connector on your motherboard, as you will have PWM functionality, but it will quite happily run straight off the PSU too. Finally, I can't comment on Thermaltakes supplied thermal paste, but for around $5, you can't go far wrong with MX4.
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