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  2. The 9 pin cable with the micro usbs on the end should go to your usb header how ever you only having one header on the motherboard it is most likely in use. Your best bet will be to get a internal usb hub if that is the case here are 2 that are currently on the market https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Internal-Outputs-External-PS-ACC-IU2H00R-1/dp/B07FLY6NSX https://www.amazon.com/Nzxt-Internal-Controller-Black-AC-IUSBH-M1/dp/B01IFGFTJ2 personally I have the Nzxt for my riing plus controllers as Thermaltakes hub was not out at the time.
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  5. Good Day, Thermaltake and Thermal Mike. Alvin here from Philippines. I just bought a 3 Fan Pack. Ring Plus Fan TT Premium, and i just love your fans . I love how your Software controls each LED on it and its configs and planning to buy Lumi plus soon. I have 1 suggestion, this maybe complex but mybe possible in the future. Since your TT Sync controller is synced to Aura, RGB Fusion , Mystic Light ONLY. I suggest it will be possible to connect together with the RGB Plus Software. Ifigured out some logic on how. The NEW TT Sync controller can add the old controllers way of connecting to the USB header for the RGB Plus Software to communicate, BUT they must not function at the same time. In your software you might have a switch like "ON, OFF" instead read as "Motherboard control or TT Plus Control" and takes effect on restart so that motherboard can detect if it has access to it or not. Thanks, PS: I love how your software works but. still AURA SYNC is life. and i like how all the RGB items i have to sync together.
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