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  1. You did absolutely great Monica. I did not expect someone to use such a theme, but it came out great.
  2. It is absolutely crazy man. I love it.And the location adds so much to the atmosphere of the shoot.
  3. Great work Rob! I like it a lot. The light effects are great as well.
  4. That is a lot of work man. Almost a scratchbuild. Well done.
  5. Video of the final version of this casemod I did for the 2018 Thermaltake Casemod Invitational season 1. The theme is the Decepticon race from the Tramsformers world. This is a Decepticon that battled for decades on Cybertron and travelled for years to get to earth to ask for help as the war on Cybertron is not going well for the Decepticons. In times of war the outside of the machine is scarred and no time has been spent on making it a shiny machine with glossy paint. The panels are tough and can be replaced easily after having taken damage. The hardware in the other hand is powerfull and well maintained to be ready for any battle ahead.
  6. Next up the photos in the dark with the system on. I am so happy how the top looks in the dark.
  7. Here at first many photos of the final product in daylight.
  8. First the last small update on the mod. Sadly the Plextor PCIE SSD will not be in plain sight because I am mounting the graphics card vertical. Here are a few photos of it also with the midplate very visible and the design on it. Due to the pressure of the deadline I couldn’t take much more photos of the cable management etc. I did take a photo of me being busy drilling holes to fit the original tempered glass panel to the chassis so the glass outside looks great and like the original. In the next update there will be the photos of the finished product.
  9. Hi everyone, Back with update number three. Time is going by so fast, but in the background I have been working very hard. Today is the big update of the custom reservoir and the panels holding it. The reservoir is a big eyecatcher for this casemod. I had this idea from the very start, I know exactly how it should look but I don’t have a CNC to make it. So I drew it up completely in 3D with my good friend Django (thank you so much buddy) and sent it over to Praetex Design for milling. The reservoirs are two halves of the Decepticon logo. In the meantime also drawing out the exact metal panels shapes to sandwich the reservoirs behind. And of course getting these to actually match eachother. I mean COME ON HOW SICK IS THIS? Because there are only fans in the top and the chassis has so much room to play with I decided to make a higher PSU shroud to add the theme of the top panel to and also accommodate fans in so the open bottom of the chassis. The bottom of the chassis is open so these fans will drag the cold air out from the bottom and put it up past the components towards the top of the chassis. The panel also features the 2nd layer of metal. Last for this update the front side of the PUS cover. It features the Decepticons name, the same name in Decepticon language and matching shapes on the top of it which are bended 45 degrees backwards. See you at the next update!
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