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    RGB software not saving settings

    I had the same problem that you described here setting up the fan color and speed and after shutting down the pc the color will go back to normal until windows loads the apps again also if you restart the system, you will loose the color until windows load the app again well I actually found a way to keep all the settings now I can shut down , restart etc and I will always have everything working without having to wait for windows to load the app I don't know if this will work with the latest app because the last time I tried it didn't work so I don't even bother trying with the newer apps anymore I simply use version 1.1.6 click save and then profile and it will save the settings to the controller box, I think that is the only possible explanation that I can come up with on why is able to retain the settings or the configuration I run a hackintosh and I have the fans settings, color, mode, effects,running perfectly on Mac OS because they are already saved on the controller box so I don't need to run TT software or windows unless I want to change something simply use version 1.1.6 here I uploaded the file for you https://mega.nz/#!E6xzWZDI!vnd0DX-4yoVyjHeQC8gmhh4_uXxKNwO69PfnbMEFQ3E I know is an older version but this the only one that I test that it retains the settings all the other ones require windows to load the TT ring plus software in order to use the configuration settings hope this help sorry for my spanglish, hope you understand edit part 2 the reason why one of your fans retained the color is most likely because you had an older version of the app an you updated to a newer version and the older app stored that setting on the controller box simply uninstall the one you are using and install version 1.1.6 reset all the fans to default, set them up the way you want it, click save then profile 1 now restart your pc fans still working and by that I mean your color configuration, mode etc shut down and turn the pc back on same configuration still working without having to wait for windows to load uninstall the app if you want to for testing purposes reboot everything still works why? because the settings are store or saved on the controller box and you always get to keep your configuration is much better than having to wait for windows to load the software to then wait for TT software to load the settings edit 3 I was going to buy another controller thinking that my controller was damage but then I remember that I updated the software and I went back and installed the first version that I downloaded when I first bought my AI0 360 RP radiator and that is how I found out about the whole thing just like you was very upset and disappointed until I found the fix, now I'm happy I just hope they add this function to the latest app so I don't have to use an older app but as long as it works the way I need it to work is all good, I can live with that I hope it will also work for you good luck
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