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  1. Maki Role

    [UK] Alex Banks

    Woah woah what's this?? An update?? My apologies to everybody, it seems that the Pandemic workload got the better of me and I simply wasn't able to give the proper time required to do a good job, that and I only managed to source a motherboard/CPU/GPU at the end of last week. However, it's better late than never, so in the same spirit as Jesse I'll be uploading themes as I'm able to, despite not being able to get all 15 up for the deadline. With that said, got to have some proper fun with them eh? Now how's about we get some lights up? Will attach the profile in a mo once I've taken it off the rig.
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  3. Modder Profile:https://lightmix.thermaltake.com/2020s2/player4.html
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  4. I vote for George Antonopoulos !!!!! otherwise known as Dr. Loop! go Team George!!!! <3
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  5. Tough decision indeed, all contestant doing their very good job! Personally i vote for (Greece) George Antonopoulos, totally i'm impressed by his work, NeonMaker Lighting and his music, rhytm totally got me.... i feel it sparkling lighting in my brain and body just wanna dance lol... GOOD VIBE and representation by George. Also Good Luck to all contestant
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  6. Just want to share my modding quest. Heres my build no.6 at Thermaltake Core P5 Casing. And hope to learn and build more LCS in the future.. And im proud to be a Thermaltake Fan!
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