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  1. I just couldn't resist, had to have a go at Giorno's theme of course! Profile can be found in the link above.
  2. Aaand link to the profile download folder, I'll add future ones to here also: https://bit.ly/32dJ92U
  3. Woah woah what's this?? An update?? My apologies to everybody, it seems that the Pandemic workload got the better of me and I simply wasn't able to give the proper time required to do a good job, that and I only managed to source a motherboard/CPU/GPU at the end of last week. However, it's better late than never, so in the same spirit as Jesse I'll be uploading themes as I'm able to, despite not being able to get all 15 up for the deadline. With that said, got to have some proper fun with them eh? Now how's about we get some lights up? Will attach the profile in a mo once I've taken it off the rig.
  4. W00t w00t Well I'm glad to say that the kit has arrived! Now to get mixing and have a go methinks, got some fun ideas that I'd like to try out. For now though here are some shots of the kit, I need to figure out what hardware I'll be using with it before firing it all up (irony of not just having stuff to hand...)
  5. Hello everybody! So earlier in the year, AMD approached me asking whether I would be interested in taking part in a themed mod "battle" to help promote the new RX 470. Well I've never even done a themed build before, never mind one in a head to head competition! I'll be competing against Jens Schwalbe of BIRD Customs, so it'll be no mean feat. I will be representing the UK and Jens Germany. I'd like to thank everybody at AMD involved in setting up this competition, along with all the companies who were willing to sponsor gear for it. So a big hand to Thermaltake, Asus RoG, Gigabyte and Corsair for each providing hardware that will be going into the build. As you can see, my theme for this build will be Overwatch... Like seemingly everybody else. Whilst I don't like playing the game itself much, I do like the art style. So without further ado, here are the first photos of the kit going inside!
  6. Yes we are, but we've also only recently received the first wave of parts, only so much one can do in the first few moments.
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