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    Vote for your favorite Level 20 GT Design concept! 2019 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1- TT Talent / Community was a success and its time to vote, All you have to do is vote for your favorite Level 20 GT Design Concept in the poll above! Check out the amazing videos by all the contestants this season! For voting you can WIN yourself a Level 20 RGB Keyboard! PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 vote per person, all votes will be checked via ip and multiple ip's will be banned. VOTE DATE: 4/29/2019 ~ 5/8/2019 Morgan Winberg Devin Waddell Luís Alves Genevieve Baad Calen Saddler Douglas Vieira Alves Richard Ord Ahmad Syafiq Hamman Claricce Lim Amelia Rosina Rob Deluce Sanjaya Bhanu
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    Hi everyone! I am Claricce of Techlin and here’s my video explaining my plan for modding the Thermaltake Level 20 GT. I really want to thank everyone, especially Thermaltake for giving me this great opportunity. I also want to congratulate the other participant and good luck to everyone!
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    2019 Thermaltake Casemod Tt Talent Level 20 GT-Apex project (Gibraltar) Thank you Thermaltake for the opportunity to participate in this competition. Did my best. I would very much like to be the next Tt talent and have the opportunity to participate in Computex. And put this project in practice and make many improvements. Thank you to everyone who will like the project.
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    Your Name: Douglas vieira alves Modding Brand / Media Name: Douglas alves Modding. CaseMod Page: https://www.facebook.com/douglasalvesmodding/ Facebook Profile : https://www.facebook.com/DOUGFANIBIL Youtube Channel Link: https://bit.ly/2LVdR8l https://www.instagram.com/douglas_alves_modding/ CaseMod Resident Evil https://forums.bit-tech.net/index.php?threads/completed-work-log-casemod-resident-evil-umbrella-corporation.272863/ CaseMod Thor. https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1087-case-mod-work-log-casemod-thor/&tab=comments#comment-6603 CaseMod TitanFall. https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/51625-completed-worklog-my-project-casemod-titanfall/&tab=comments#comment-71762 CaseMod Chaves. https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/53015-completed-worklog-casemod-scratch-chaves/&tab=comments#comment-75829 CaseMod Pandora Box Gemini Project . https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/63782-brazil-douglas-alves/&tab=comments#comment-90786 Casemod The Fifth Element https://forums.bit-tech.net/index.php?threads/casemod-the-fifth-element.338336/ Casemod Chapolin Colorado. https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/80427-casemod-chapolin-colorado-they-did-not-count-on-my-cunning-follow-me-the-bons-brasil/&tab=comments#comment-116618 Total fans: 3k Why do you think you should be the next TT Talent?: My name is Douglas Alves. I'm from Brazil. I Want to be the next Tt talent, Because i Love CaseMod, I Have a lot of dedication to this art and Thermaltake. I like the challenges of creating with my own hands my works of CaseMod. These 7 years is a good experience, and I want to grow up in Modding. I want to be able to have my works recognised. All photos of each project, worth much more than words, just check out the 7 CaseMods. Thank You
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    Tt Andy

    Voting Stage Two

    Thanks guys for joining the voting event! And congratulations to the winners! Please send us a inbox message on Facebook to claim your prize!!
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    Voting Stage Two

    Douglas Alves. Good Luck.
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    [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli

    Nice work Bró
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    To all participants, I wish you the best of luck!
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    [Japan] Toru Sekiguchi

    good photos!
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    Sunny Sun,yes!China go!
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    [China] Sunny Sun

    We now edit the sample modle by using CAD. The P5 GT will be lied down and put on the center. And we will dig holes on feet to fit the weight shift when the hardware equipped.
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    [Philippines] Jesse Tiongson

    Very nice !
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    Rakesh Sharma

    [Canada] Erik Bergwest

    Waiting to see more about the project. Best of luck.
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    Hello @nKwoel Yes sorry we posted it on Facebook
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    PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pkKk29 Goood afternoon my fellow PC nuts and Luder lovers! First, let’s get some love for a bath for #AcidDragon as she sits in the driveway Now that we know what we are working towards….. Let’s start changing this Thermaltake Commander C34 case! First let’s get this front panel off by using a gentle prying motion with a flat screwdriver to release the 4 clips Those 200mm of RGB goodness (Thermaltake included front intake fans) Now we can get the grills removed and get them painted green to match the grill on #AcidDragon A tip for painting outside, cover with a clear tub/container to prevent dust, leaves, bugs and anything else floating around while the paint dries Always several super light coats for the win! While I waited for the paint to cure, I began unboxing hardware and getting it installed to test fit and prep the system to plan out our loop and placement of the “turbo” pump. Starting with this sexy EVGA Z390 FTW motherboard…and fitting the Thermaltake Pacific CPU cooler to it Next up our 120GB TeamGroup SSD! Finally, let’s install this Thermaltake ToughPower 850W PSU! A bit overpowered for this build’s purpose…. But so is the watercooling haha The paint hasn’t fully cured, but now is dry and can be installed back in place! The case is looking sexy so far! Hopefully I will have time to get some more work this Friday and have another update for you next week!!! Stay classy fellow modders and friends!!!
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    I was able to plug tach wire to both MOBO and TT controller. Works as a charm! Spent 6 hours rewiring all my 5 fans. Got rid of one of two controlles by plugging two fans in one socket. When there are two fans, tach from the first goes to MOBO, tach from the second goes to TT controller. When there is one fan (my rear fan), tach goes both to MOBO and TT controller. I made some photos
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    Hi guys, hopefully someone else has had the same problem before and fixed it themselves.. Because I am so bamboozled as to what is happening here. I just recently bought the Challenger Prime like a week ago. First couple of days it worked fine all good didn't install a driver or anything just put it straight in the usb and started playing. Last 2 days though the keyboard has been very hard to use. Basically I'd be playing (even happens outside of games say on chrome) and at random times no longer than a minute of use, the keyboards backlights will flicker off then back on, and the last key I had pressed when that happens kinda gets stuck as if I'm holding it down. For example: Copied and pasted a link into the google search bar and it happened as I pasted and it then started pasting the link over and over again while I wasn't even touching the keyboard. It only stops again when I press other keys for a bit first. I have also noticed when the backlights flicker off then on and causes the issue the numlock light turns off as well. This is making it very very hard to actually play games as a huge inconvenience. I have tried going to control pannel, the keyboard properties and unticking the box that turns it off to save power. I have also tried actually installing the driver last night as well where you can change settings on the keyboard and that doesn't even work BTW when I click on OK to change colour of the backlight it just says please wait and remains that way for AGES. And neither of these had worked. I tried changing the USB port and still nothing. Other keyboards still work without this issue its only the Challenger Prime doing this to me. One more thing to note I have a laptop that I'm connecting the keyboard to which is with windows 10. Can anyone help me out please? I really want to be able to just use the keyboard without this issue...
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    Still waiting... Turning off my rig till then..
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    anyone hear any updates on this issue?
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    Here's my video entry for stage 2 of the Thermaltake Talent Competition! I want to thank Thermaltake for selecting me among so many talented people. I appreciate the opportunity! The theme for my Level 20 GT case mod is Space Odyssey! It'll be the "Choose Your Own Adventure" of Modding. I'll give each one of you the choice in not only the direction that the case mod will take but, you'll also get to pick between different mod ideas during each stage of the project. Make sure to get out there and Vote!
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    At first I had same issue, the individual headers are supposed to default to 120 addressable leds with AURA, for some reason my 2nd addon 5v was only set to 2 lol, problem solved
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    [Round 2] Top 12 Level 20 GT Designs

    So this is my idea for the Level 20 GT build with a Ironman style with all the bright colors and so on.
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    [Round 1 Ended]

    Good luck to all the contestants! And thank you Andy for putting this together in such a short time frame!
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    PCPartPicker Link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zn9Zw6 Good morning all my lovely people! I’m pleased to announce that #MomsMod is COMPLETE!! So let’s begin….. We start off first with the Gamdias peripherals, the Ares Keyboard and the Hades Mouse. Mask and paint time. Switching over to the Nanoxia CoolForce 140mm fans, we mask the frame off so we can get the fans painted purple! After a day of letting the paint dry, we are ready to start assembling the case. So far so good! That vinyl looks awesome! But now we need the hardware…. Let’s look at the tragic tower she has been using…… all that dust! YUCK! Rip the hardware out, salvage what’s acceptable, then get that Intel motherboard installed in the Nanoxia CoolForce1 case. Now it’s time to drop in an upgraded air cooler that might just do a bit better than her other one… That cable management……. Just don’t look at the backside I told you not to look! But…. we can fix it with these lovely Nanoxia CoolForce combs!!! Boom! Build is complete! One Lavender Everquest case mod complete!! Now what…….?!?! Oh right, need to address that old desk mess situation…. And ta-da! Now she not only has a setup worth showing off, but she’s got some extra organization for all her craft business And here’s an obligatory photo of me training the next generation of modders! My 3 year old diligently putting screws into the motherboard tray while watching YouTube on her tablet. As always, thanks for joining us on this journey and keep modding!!
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    I did a quick search on Google, and all I could find about their software and Linux was someone's GitHub project that appears to be their own software for controlling the fans. However I don't see support for the Riing Trio fans listed. The owner appears to be taking requests to add products, but there is no guarantee. https://github.com/chestm007/linux_thermaltake_riing Another member on the forum has written their own software as well, but I am unsure if it has Linux support. They are working on Riing Trio support, though. Thermaltake's support is terrible. Purchasing their products in the hopes that someone else's software will get you what you want may be a large gamble. You could try ordering off of Amazon, as they are usually great about returns. Then you can send things back if you can't get it working. Otherwise, I recommend looking elsewhere.
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    TT Sync Controller Questions help!

    after some time waiting for parts and building my beast for 6k euro it is now alive and all 16 thermaltake products shine so beautiful along with many other lightning effects ARBG madness. and the TT sync boxes worked instantly first time i turned on even with outdated bios. THANK YOU thermaltake Best regards.
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    TT Sync Controller

    Very strange behavior. So you are connecting the TT Sync controller to the Phantek case's RGB header of some sort, not the motherboard?
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    The TT Sync controller only supports a 5V RGB header.
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    so i issue a RMA and got the Replace today. i think this one is even worse. less RPM and my Temp Rise 3 Degrees no way. 356-368 Rpm's on Performance Silent don't do anything and Zero Fan Stops it.
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    Fan Controller - View 37 RGB

    I can't see any reason why they would plug into the 9 port sync controller but not the 5 port controller. Perhaps he bought the 9 port controller because the included 3 button controller allows motherboard software control of lighting but only supports up to 3 addressable devices? But with how screwy things turned out with the stock fans in the View 37 ARGB you originally wanted, I would definitely confirm with support first if the fans in the View 37 RGB can be used with the 5 port hub included with fans sold separately.
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    One suggestion ThermalMike and TT...don't make two different connectors for the same fan. I have the View 37 ARGB along with 3x120 and 3x140 Pure Plus fans on the way and I found out today that I am returning all of it. That is because the Pure Plus fans on the View 37 ARGB will not connect to the fan controllers that come with the 3x120 and 3x140 Pure Plus fans. I cannot express my frustration and anger about this. I spent months looking at and comparing cases and fans before settling on this only to realize the day before receipt that TT decided to use different connectors on the fans that come with the View 37 ARGB case than those sold separately despite being the same fan. And absent scrolling down the Design page to see a small pic of a integrated case controller, none of the promo pics of the case at Amazon, Newegg, or even in the gallery on the TT page displays this controller. Why would a consumer even think that one Pure Plus fan would not connect to the controller sold with other Pure Plus fans? To make matters worse, TT customer service wouldn't let me just send them the fans from the case and swap in regular Pure Plus 20s + 1 Pure Plus 12 fans with regular connectors. Even more irritating, if I want to buy the View 37 RGB, well, it costs more than ARGB at the moment. I've only ever bought TT cases, PSUs, fans, etc., but after this experience, I may need to move on. Maybe Mike or the customer service team might see this and contact me to see what we can do.
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    Voting Stage Two

    Douglas Alves ⚡é o melhor ⚡nota 10
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    TT sync controller issues

    Don't you have a 5V header? If so, follow this link. Solved my issues.
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    Douglas Alves , Brazilian POWER !!!!
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    nestor souza

    Voting Stage Two

    Vote for Douglas ALVES
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    And here we are again.. my third controller is dead... The fans spinning with the default speed and rainbow colors but: I try all my all USB ports, i try reinstall the software i try another power cable. No connect and disconnect sound in Win 10 Pro 64bit after i disconnect and conect my TT Fan Controller. Not working! But why not working?? The internet is full with this ........g issues! Why not fixing this Thermaltake Team??? WHY?????? If my CPU is die because your fans is not spinning correctly I complain to whole team! We meet in court! Big Thanks Thermaltake! Big THANKS! -.-'
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    Hi Jackie, Thank you so much, you are 100% right. It was that the brightness was off. Once I pressed it a few times, the colors turned on. I have the colors working again!
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    Show us your chassis!

    Better join in since I just finished most the little things finally in my build. This is my Thermaltake P5 Aorus build Specs : Hardware - i7-8700k - OC to 4.8 Aorus ATC700 cpu cooler Aorus Ultra gaming 2.0 motherboard Nvidia RTX 2080 32g 3200mhz G.skill Trident ram Thermaltake 850w Gold power supply Samsung 256 960 evo (OS drive) Intel optane 32g matched to 8TB Seagate archive drive 128 Toshiba SSD 1TB Blue and 250g Green western digital M.2 SSD fitted to NGFF boards Custom lighting - Over 350 LED's, Lian li Strimer 24 and 8 pin, optic fiber lighting (lighting around motherboard and NFCC boards), custom infinity mirror power cable cover, and Thermaltake 3D printer fan bracket for rear top fan, Goverlay info screen, built bottom cover, Aorus SSD cover and Custom SSD cover made by JMMods (if you need custom backplates, covers and other things google the name and check out his website and youtube, inspired me to build my cable cover, does good work). sorry if the photos are not that great Thanks for having a look.
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    Got answer from Thermaltake Taiwan, they sent me a new cable. Thank you for help and quick responce. Really helpful support. Best regards Serdar
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    Tack, I am happy to report that this latest route worked perfectly. Currently I have (2) TT Sync's controlling (18) connections via the XSPC splitter. So I use the ASUS Aura platform to control all of my RGB LED with the exception of the Thermaltake RGB Fittings. I am still stumped as to how to incorporate those with the Addressable header. Any thoughts? Thanks for all your help on this!!
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    OO i like. Yes that would do the job. That must be newish as I have not seen that yet I might have to get me one of those
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    PDF Documentation

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