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  1. Voted for Claricce Lim. Once again many didn't pay attention to the rules.
  2. Voted for India Vinay Agrawal. You stated exactly the opposite in the official event rules.
  3. I'ven't said yours didn't, even if I'm not really sure. I meant I've chosen one among those who followed the rules. Someone used PC components or motherboard, someone else made awesome stands but they stand out more than the RAM modules. This is my opinion and I see some other user noticed similar things.
  4. Considering who respected all the contest rules, I think there can only be one winner, UK Alex Banks.
  5. Voted Rob De Luce. If the gif had to display the cooler, at least it matches the winter/cold theme.
  6. This time was difficult to choose the best one. Half of the modded PCs were mid-high quality ones. But my vote went and goes to Franco Martinelli
  7. The Malaysian and the Italian ones were the best ones for me. But I had to choose one and the one with the levitation was startling.
  8. Without doubt Pakawat Chaiboonma. However, I found a bit of latency between the music and the lights in every video. Note the system bug at 4:41 of Australia entry.
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