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  1. So... I've been rather quiet, not going to bore you all with the details too much but I have a few health problems, fibromyalgia, shoulder impingement and a wrist injury from a dog bite, sometimes too much work and stress can cause the biggest of downfalls for me personally, anyways I'm back and super close to finishing now! Here's the progress so far. I paid a rather lot for some custom cine reel vinyls to be designed and printed, which initially I was super happy with and couldn't wait to get them applied (not a great idea when your still recovering from being a little ill), g
  2. Just a small update for tonight... Got around to making the silver accents on the RAM gold, was never going to work using the silver in this build.
  3. So.... The whole water cooling thing started to worry me, more than it should of done really. First time doing a loop of any nature and this build just got bigger and bigger each time I thought about looping it up, after a few days I came to realisation that I just need to step up and crack on with it! I've now got all the loop done and ready to leak test... However I'm waiting on some cables from Thermaltake before I put it together properly and do the leak test (if there is no leaks the first time around I don't want to take it apart again just to re route some custom cables), I'm actually r
  4. Hello, so somehow this novice of a modder has been chosen to be one of the five competitors in this years Thermaltake Modding Trophy! Words cannot describe how much this means to me nor could I tell you the challenge ahead this brings to me as newcomer on the modding scene, I sure feel like I have a lot to prove! My design of course got me in to the competition and that is what I call '20th Century TT' so let me tell you where the idea came from although it's pretty obvious to most. As soon as I heard the competition was Thermaltake's 20th anniversary the 20th Century Fox movie st
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