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  1. hi guys. here is the shorter video. the long version with explanation will be released tomorrow at 1400 hours
  2. Presenting. RAM-BO, First Blood. He doesnt go to war, He is war!
  3. batman cant come aout to play this week, he is in my showroom setting up his dark knight server. robin download too much #### and f.....ed it up. batwoman found out and they are both under house arrest till they get it running again, she wants to play sims, this is serious guys!
  4. 🙂 i guess both quotes add up to the same thing 🙂 nice work sofar
  5. so, all is monuted and the wall weight tests done. not exactly finished yet but the brunt of the work is in the bag, i would say. after the final polish n pics, will make a video and then i qill get back to the other Thermaltake mod, called NEXT OF QIN. which is waiting to be completed too.
  6. today i started made some plaque holders and painted them in matt black to match the knife n co. the poster printed n lit up too. first wiring is happening now. more to come. apart from that i decided to get into the rambo mood pulled out my compound bow. i managed to kill a noble chair too. #### ####, lethal it was. the chair i mean, it had to die.😅 it drew first blood!
  7. hi guys. so here are some progress pics. i bought the cheapest building planks i could find, raw n rough and not planed, sanded them down and used a flame torch to highlight the rings and knots. afetr clear glazing bthem, they look great. chrome strips inbetween and some self made customised hook later, allows the weapons to be mounted and taken off at will. tomorrow i will be placing leds behind all the monted part and carry on finishing the plaques with names etc.. so a little more to come. check out the before and after of the 2x 1.99 euro wood. will surely use these again. turned out great.
  8. thx. yes that was another mod i made with thermaltake and nvidia and asus. always cooled with thermaltake. the chainsaw gun really works. it all started with that poster
  9. yeah have made many so far even real ones like in spartacus. i find older blades fascinating. i made my own gladius for spartacus. anyway, am looking forward to the flame thrower, nothing less please 🙂 10 meter true flames of course.
  10. i love the knife, right up my alley. well ali`s alley, if you know what i mean. love blades... well done
  11. woah, thats longer than i thought it was supposed to be... i keep hearing that so i thought i would repeat it... 🙂
  12. now i have a machine gun and rambo knife and my spartacus mod has asword. holy sh.......... i am in the weapon business
  13. haha, thats right. i had bog problems with my lancer in switzerland. they really made me take out all my mods from the truck. i had to fire up the chansaw too to prove its a toy. in a way, a compliment though. it fooled them,,,,,,so job well done i guess.
  14. wow, lot of details, is it gonna be 3d printed or whats yr plan
  15. hi guys. i am poretty much done with the knife part. now i will carry on with the machine gun and the plaque for mounting and displaying. i also have to wire in some leda too for the next pics.
  16. dont forget lil ol me, i need them for my DARK KNIGHT mod set . thats why i am looking forward to seeing how this turns out. i made the dark knight server and keyboard with ssd, as well as mouse some years back.🙂 but my DARK KNIGHT went to the optician and got contact lenses. 🙂
  17. i would like to tell you, but am too dumb to know what you mean with BB, unless you mean bed n breakfast , which i doubt, or do you mean babies= mods. I have already passed 120 built mods and still have 32 of them 🙂 a big family. from 500 gramms all the way upto 120 kilos. where are all yours. 🙂 i always think upside down. tomorrow i will work on the back light of the knife. i pretty much finished the knife today. and am still waiting for the water pistol scope to modify from orange n yellw to lethal gun metal black. i even made the psoi and straight screw driver hilt parts before painting today, just like on the real knife i cut up an old painting telescope for the handles. its good for me that i never throw things like that away, bad for berlin, it looks like a bomb hit us because of all my junk,,,,,ahem potential reusables.
  18. thx sarge, tell murdock, I`m coming to get him:-) my rambo knife part of the project was cut n painted today. far from ready. but when the first layers of paint are dry tomorrow i will carry on metalising it. sofar its blackened and the cutting edge is sanded sharp and blackened. tomorrow i will give it that metalic look of sharpness. more to come.
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