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  1. hi guys. here is my last update befpre xmas. i am actually moving into anew flat now so it will be a week i guess before i can post again. i wish you all a very merry christmas. anyway, today i dremeled in the stone n brick look and started making the shade holders. i ran into the same problem that the romans probably did because of the abgle towards the front, but forund a way to measure each one seperately. here are the pics of todays modding. in between the woodwork i also started cutting the lion head i had molded previously to see what tha
  2. yes, as you know i love delving into depp detail. so here is alittle more. i did some arches today and roughly measured the shade pillers. but mainly it was all about the sides of the main tribune deck and the arches.
  3. hi again, and here are some more pics of the back arches, not finished yet i also made rge first gates on top where the gladiators would enter the arena. they will also have functions,,,,yet to be revealed
  4. thanks mate, I am sure it will get really interseting soon. its still pretty basic stuff, making the basic form to accomodate the funktions, hardware and all the proper deco and elements of this very extreme theme agin. so, i finished the scalle sticking and sanded it off a wee bit. must still be further carried on. but i started working on the top segmented arena. as i already mentioned, this mod is all about the whole spartacus era, the world he was dooemd to live in, what happened to him, who made it happen etc.. so we need a lot of roman elements too, als some greek because
  5. Hi guys. here is a little update again. i am using sawed in half ans sanded lemello wedges to make some of the armor scales. when set in scene, sanded off and with the paintjob they will look great later. they will still have some studs and other elements too of course
  6. and here are the rest of the progressional pics of today. i made the base and a led holding turret upon which the main piller stands. i also started the armor plates with the spartacus armor snakes, the main snake form is done, must be formed to be more detailed of course. more to come here you can see the cobras then the main frame sof them i made, of course adapted to the bottom corners of the glass windows
  7. hi guys. i saw the lion heads on spratcus`s gladiator armor and decided to integrate them too. i litterally wnet roung looking at door knobs and knockers and found this one. i am using it as a negative for making these sub negatives. sub neg, because i will be vacuuming acrlic plates ontp them, when they are dry. these are basically made by covering the head, waiting till its dry and using the mold as another mold for furth molding twice. sperated with alayer of silicon spray. they will look great when finished. wait n see. :-) more to come now i have to s
  8. Hi guys, I started making the base platform which will carry the whole corep 90 probably without the feet though. it will also have a....... no no, wait till next post :-) i also forgot some of the pics of making the handle so here they also are
  9. Hi guys here are the last pics of the Gladius. It now belongs to the CAPUA HAUS OF BATIATUS, which was the Ludus where Spartacus was enslaved. now I will start integrating it onto the case. with many more featurettes
  10. one more pic before i stop today, first stain, sanding tomorrow
  11. hi guys, here are the results of todays modding. the basic gladius in now in form. just need painting and decorating. first of all here you can see the original blade, then the second video shows the gladius, not yet exactly finished but getting there. and now the gladius itself, at least more or less in form. i still need to deco the grip a bit.. more to come...
  12. have cut of the grip and will now make the guard and grip in my style required. gladiatirs didnt usually have the best armor unless they were in a big arena, they usually trained and practiced with wooden swords called a rudis if a gladiator was granted his freedom through success, then he would have been awarded something like this. i am making my gladius a mix of both designs more to come
  13. Hi guys, here is my first update. I have recieved and unpacked the case. I have also stuck on a few of its parts like the glass windows to get an idea of size. They will however come off while I am building. The NZXT sword ornament was a gift barered against a few packets of coffee. I am only really interested in the bottom blade part. I want to make SPARTACUS`s Gladius or sword out of it with a real blad and that will make in possible after cutting it up. Fortunately its just an ornament and not folded tempered damast steel so that will work. more to come and I hope t
  14. hi everyone, does anyone know how to insert/embed videos from youtube here. am doing something wrong, only getting a link FORGET IT GUYS, I GOT IT....
  15. Hey Jos, good to see you here again. So guys, the time has come to start posting something while waiting for the modding goods. I love the wild style of organic modding and wild this will be. here is a little teaser. And be warned, this is gonna be casemod rock n roll all the way. And also a tribute to Andy Whitfield, RIP ANDY SPARTACUS MOD OF THE ARENA
  16. Hi Everyone. Its an honor to be lined up with all these fine artists here. Good luck to every one of them. Lets get ready to rumble....
  17. wow, i just went through asll the builds and am amazed. the bar has been set very high this year again. i wish all the best to everyone. may the best mod win. i have cast my vote, which was very hard seeing as the quality level and amount of work as well as the creativity level has really been pushed up high this time. the public vote ios nice to have but does not really always do justice seeing as everyone more or less votes for theri friemd or country. so once again i am curious who makes the top 3 by jury votes and the other votes at the end. good luck to all and thanks for entertaining
  18. hey guys, looks good so far. and you seem to be the only ones really digging into it. i hope some of the other participants realize that they actually have to participate to participate. nothing much going on in some of the other threads. the dalek is coming along great, i will keep peeking in, good luck and make me proud...
  19. thanks jos, i appreciate it. yes i cannot really decide which color i like best. am glad it can change according to wish. the thermaltake rgb strips and fans controllers are really good and the canons really are practical for changing the parameters
  20. yes, of course, all controlled via the canon gunwhale switches in the back. in some of the previous pics, like here visible again.
  21. hi guys here are the last pictures of the interior. i took off the glass front and made these. and here while its on
  22. thanls barakyo029, its nice to see that you appreciate my work. yes i also see the way i mod as art. i love building themes to the extreme, delving into topics and living the idea. thanks for your nice remarks.
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