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  1. hi guys, tioday i worked on the front banner and desmounting fixture fro transport. i managed to rig a very easily dismountable system. the front cutlasses and shield are also stuck on with a skull on the banner. this carriage eneables me to slip off the whole banner by taking the round wooden shaft out for transport safety. it worked out really good. well, believe it or not, these are actually dog tag air fresheners for cars. i had my car at the mechanics today and found these on the shelf. i dremeled the excess sides away and will use them to deck the pole holde
  2. hi guys, here is another litle update, soon i will be starting the inside and hardware integration. for the moment though, i finished the bones on the front shield and started the front banner which will be a clip on for transport. dont worry, the letters will not stay in that multicolor look.
  3. hi guys, here is a little update, i made a snapp to close clasp for the back part, the wirless anteene is almost a mast with crows nest and i also started the front main emblem eye catcher. more to come..
  4. hi guys, and here is the progress of today. the pirates have the first set in skull. these little skulls were part of a cheap halloween necklace, are of plastic and will be lit up from behind later on. i also made a banner where i will write the PIRACY AND PROPHECY logo later on. i carved it into a 3d form for later staining. i also finished the cd setting in and drawer cover worked some ore planking look into the sides just a test for visuals,,,,,
  5. hi allerleidesign, glad you like it. yes i love delving into a theme and swimming in detailed ideas. yes there is indeed a reason, they are real glass and seeing as it is at least possible that this machine could go to taiwan, as well as for sure to the modding masters in freidrichshafen as well as the german casemod championship at the gamescom cologne, then it will be exhibited in a museum in england too (and many other exhibitions), i just done want to take the risk of some happening, the bottles breaking and bang goes the whole build. by the way, the bottles will also be decorated with
  6. hi guys, here is the progress of todays modding session. the hinges are stuck n screwed on now i then started to make the bottöe holder which will clasp the bottles and be dismantleable for maintenance. just checking for fits. the gunwhale canons will actuaööy be switches for various functions. i decided to make a balancing base for the build which will holöd the cd drive.
  7. here is a small update, bottle cuts first test if the reservoir fits, it does.
  8. thanks buddy, a lot coming.. hi guys, here is another update. i worked on the gunwhale today and the rear cover too. the back cover is basically a container, and will be ripped open a bit for the bottles which will sillhouette in between the inner and outer wall. i had to heat some of the wood strips to get it in the right cirve without snapping
  9. SO Hello everyone, I am never really finished with a project, but I would like to dare saying that for the time being, I am finished with the following project. A big thank you goes out to Scan, Bit-Tech and Thermaltake, as well as all those involved in getting this first UK trophy up and running. Thank you for including me and giving me the chance to compete against those 4 top guns here. PODII, THE STRONGHOLD, yes thats the name of this case which should portray strenght and stability. lets put it this way, you could drive around with it in the boot at a 100 miles an hour and this ba
  10. hi guys, here is another lil update. the case now has a treasure chest roof, not exactly finished yet, but getting there. all the grooves are hand made for inprecise that day look. i made some hinges whihc will be attached making it look as if it can be opened, but the illusion works the other was, the lids stay where it is, while the back flips up. these will all look like iron castings later on. i then decided to make a gunwhale with little canons which will be hidden switches for certain things like leds and so forth. i made 5 sets, not quite complete yet though. i had
  11. a small but esssential update. the roof is on since last nicht, should be workable now. the bottle cutter works and am trying an experiment lto change these bottles into rum bottles. the pirate wouldnt be pirates without rum would they. i mixed a coolant that matches the golden browny yellow of the real rum and it would be a nice feature. more to come tonight, will spend all tday today down under.. yes every groove will be essentially hand carved in so that its not too exact, just like old planking looked like, made without modern tools. i will saw off the excess pieces of roof
  12. Hello guys, so here it is, the first real update. today i made the first cuts. I have wanted to make this theme for quite a long time but am having to change the dieas i had altogather, as far as the form and shapt is concerned. the corep5 is totally different compared with a standard case form, so it will be radically changed to keep both the modern state of the art as well as the wild look. not much to see yet, till the main frame is done.
  13. Hello everyone and welcome to my log. First of all a big round of thanks to Thermaltake and all the other sponsors and partner for making this event possible and of course including me. My name is Ali Abbas, English, living in Germany/ Nürnberg since 1989. I jobbed at many computer stores and BTO shops and centres in the 90s and got my degree as a a Network Technician in 1999. I am self employed since 2005 in the Computer Services branch. We all know how sterile computers can be if we only work with them, so my way of letting off steam and relaxing is by killing, restrictions, voiding
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