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  1. Received replacement cable today. working flawlessly so far. Ran a few games, no studders, no artifacts, no bsod. Thanks Mike, will let you know if anything changes.
  2. still waiting for some magic to happen.
  3. Yes, USA...Florida actually. I have sent you another Email Mike. Thank you for your time.
  4. Wow thats sweet, new cables. I sure would like one that works. ..As in, can you PLEASE send me one to replace the faulty one I have been asking over and over about? Is there a magic # of emails i have to send to get this rectified? Thanks (again).
  5. Hey Mike, Ive sent 3 emails thus far, and have yet to even a confirmation that anyone has even seen them. I wouldn't mind having a resolution to my problem as well. If you need another email let me kmow. Thanks.
  6. Newegg has these for 5 bucks....just an FYI if your still waiting. ####, I havent even receieved a freaking response that my email was received. Not a great impression for my first thermaltake product.
  7. Faulty cable as well...email sent March 3.
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