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  1. The problem is I need the length to reach slot 1 on my MB to my video card. I also have a 1x riser cable I use for my sound card. So shorter is bad for me. The cable I linked has plenty of length to reach and not be bent or tight and make room for my sound cards 1x cable. So people in my situation its a solution.. maybe not perfect but so far going on a week and its working great.
  2. I ordered a 1x riser for my sound blaster. It came packed flat and not bent and has worked fine. Both cables from thermaltake had a crease in the middle of the cable... wonder if that is the cause?
  3. And that is the boat I'm in. I love the case but the cable is just a pain in the ####. It fails once OK #### happens I'll pull and drain my loop to replace the cable. But two weeks later and I have a "updated" cable that has failed... I don't want to pull everything apart again just to have it fail in another two weeks.. AND BY ALL MEANS.. DO BUY this case because it is freaking awesome.. Just buy a 3rd party riser cable and use that because the one that comes with this case is garbage. Hopefully thermaltake can get their cable issue sorted out becuase I would like to see where they go with their open case design in the future
  4. I went ahead and ordered a cable from negegg so I can actually use my desktop. Hopefully it works will keep yall posted if the newegg cable is a good replacement. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812368001 If you were wondering
  5. Don't get me wrong the case is #### awesome. It's just that riser cable that is a screw up.. not even sure if yall are the oem on that cable or if its something yall bought and sold with the case. http://i.imgur.com/ES5HoVF.jpg
  6. Hey Mike. Sorry just seeing this reply now. Yall already sent me one cable. I have e-mailed you from my gmail again about the second cable being dead you asked me what video card I had. I replied and have not herd anything back for a few days. It seems the cable will work for a few hours if I turn the pc off and wiggle the base of the cable near the video card itself. It's weird because it was working great and just one day the issues started again. I have moved my card or cable before the issue came back as I have a custom loop on the cpu and gpu.... kinda makes it a long ordeal just to move anything.
  7. I got my new cable about two weeks ago and I'm already having the same issue!!! #### it takes hours to drain and pull my loop off to change these cables out. Yall really #### up on this.
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