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  1. LSDeep

    Core W100

    interesting! my tower will disappear in a closet. i bought it solely as the 'housing' for lots of hdd's (with room for future expansion) for a 'giant' nas/ storage server. the casters coming with it do quite alright for me so far. but i can see the point (depending on weight distribution and potential modding) plus the point that they not just lock the wheels, but the swivel as well is intriguing as well. they look quite cool with the red "tires" as well . btw, i also added little 'rubber washers' (just made them myself from a old bicycle inner tube) between casters and case to prevent/ reduce
  2. @ papa smurf wow, quite some modding going on at your end . for me it is a media server case, supposed to hold (at the moment) 17 hdd's. unfortunately, TT is not anywhere close to be able to sell/ ship additional hdd cages according to customer service !!! so at the moment i just rigged some old roswill hdd cages to the front, fits ok once you remove the (way to noisy anyway) fans from the front and mount them to the fan brackets. can't really sidemount cages in this case if you need access to swap/ remove/ etc hdd's - you blocking the space to pull/ add hdd's from the back. works for me
  3. LSDeep

    Core W100

    some good point's made by papa smurf! especially for the just paint covered threads. also for the torque applied to 'tighten screws' at the end. there is a fine line, between tight and 'over-tightened' - speak stripped threads. that's not the lug nuts on your cars wheel! in my case i had one of the horizontal case bars where none of the screw holes had any thread at all, hence the re-thread comment above (it should possibly say just thread). as you can see in the post above as well, some basic mechanical skills help - you should be at least able to initially set a screw without cross-threadin
  4. LSDeep

    Core W100

    short addition... call it # 6- if you intend to put hdd cages in with the 'side mount' option (using the 2 mounting bars) - do so before you attach the bottom plate!!!! if you ask why, just trust me! top is not a prob, if you just lay the bottom in place (do not screw anything down yet!) you will see what i mean so there is def. some minor detail adjustment need for a potential rev. 2 of the case in the future, at least the manual could be changed already now to emphasize some of this points and you don"t have to find out the hard way! cheers, L
  5. LSDeep

    Core W100

    just like to make live easier for sb else. it is expensive, it is huge (and i mean HUGE), rock-solid and has (nearly) endless space. but, it is well worth the money if you look for sth like that (btw, if it is to small for you, there is sth even bigger supposed to come your way soon (just google it). anyway, finally last thursday my huge box arrived. considering the damage to the box, the shipping company guys REALLY don't like the size and weight! anyway, it looked worse than it was, a slight dent to one of the door corners from one of the a**holes at ups thinking it is funny to toss ppl
  6. i see what your point was. i apologize for being condescending before. i just didn't even think about moving the 'control' down a slot. i am sure you have a reason for doing so . btw, the case looks awesome in white/ off-white! just do a little re-spray in some areas to make it look perfect! actually, if you have any money left/ to burn - spend it on stripping and powder-coating!!! trust me . it will change the home-spray good looking job to something awesome. cheers, LSDeep
  7. as for your questions 2 and 3: 2- worked for me, mocking it up to answer your question. i personally have no fan's mounted there. not the best place to create airflow. i am more than happy at the moment with having 3x top out + 3x bottom out, with 1x back out, all aircooled for my server setup. keeps it at ambient temps inside with passive intake to front and right side being seemingly sufficent. 3- as for #3 i dont really get the point of your question. some simple math should answer that + a look in the online manual. if you are not completely technically challanged, a look at the case
  8. to add would be also (as i found out by mailing tech support), at the moment there are no additional hdd cages etc. available! tt is waiting for shipments. that's not a deal breaker at all, and considering space for 10 hdd's as it is, for most ppl no prob at all. but if you are using this case for a media storage server (like me) it might create some initial trouble. i have to find place rite now for 18 hdd's - you see my problem i guess. solved the prob temp. by using old drive cages i had laying around. but, considering the (rather unwanted) side-window it is not great . hope they are able t
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