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  1. Lina.Inverse

    Core W100

    I ran into the exactly this. The top left bar was not correct rotated. So I had just luck, I could bend the case a little bit to remove and insert the bar correctly. In the first picture in the manual there was no info about the correct rotation and if I remember correctly no screw holes visible. Only pages later where you put the screws for the doors/top panel... Also a important information which is missing in the manual: if somebody want to mount the hard disks behind the motherborard, please add the HDD mounts before you insert the PS and Motherborard. Otherwise you can't screw it.
  2. Looks really cool with the ground plate and PETG with Mayhams Pastel. The small brother of the WP100 ;-)
  3. For all interested how I got the Core W100 white. I have used Plasti Dip for it. I purchased 6 spray cans and sprayed all relevant and visible areas with 3-4 layers white. What I can say 6 spray cans are the absolute minimum. I would say you need 9-10 cans for all pieces. As more layers you spary, less fragile is Plasti Dip.
  4. Hello guys, my new computer is now finished. I think the combination with the white Core W100 and black&red components looks awesome.
  5. Hello LSDeep, thank you for your answer. What I meant by 3. is that you can't shift the front panel and a DVD drive one bay down as you got only one 1bay plate. For me the answer to my question 3. is no longer required as I am going to install 2 360 radis into the tower. BTW the Core W100 just arrived last week and the white version looks very nice!
  6. Hi everyone, I got an answer from Thermaltake via Facebook to the most of my questions. In addition I asked there in addition: 5. Is castor's height already included in the Core W100's height of 677mm? Here the answers: "Thank you for getting in touch. The answers for question 1, 4 and 5 are as following: 1. The blue front strip LED light can't be switched to different colour, so You need to install a red LED strip. 4. Yes, the front panel is designed with dust filters. 5. The height (677mm) is included castor's height." Can anyone else answer my 2nd and 3rd question? NB: I alreay preordered the Core W100 from a German shop. I hope it will arrive soon ;-)
  7. Hi all, I am interested in the brand new Core W100. This chassis is really great, it has enough space especially behind the mainboard tray. Before I really purchase this cool super tower, I need the following to know: 1. I want to have everything in red in the new case. Can the blue front strip LED light be changed to a red color? Or do I need to install a different LED strip? (I have seen a video of the W100 on CES2016 with red front LED light, maybe it is a multi color LED strip). 2. I want to store my 3,5" HDDs behind the mainboard tray. Is there enough space to have the HDDs + 120mm fans (15mm or 25mm version) on top? How deep is it from right door to mainboard tray? 3. It is possible to add a bluray drive (175mm length) below the front I/O panel and installng a 480mm radiator 45mm thick + 25mm fans on the top? Or do I need to insert the bluray drive two bays below? One bay below won't work. There is one 1bay plate (W-F) missing, which prevents you to shuffle the 5.25" drives as you want! Thermaltake please add an additional 1bay plate (W-F) to the W100 package! 4. Are there dust filters available for the front? I really appreciate any help anyone can provide.
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